Yummy Veg & Non Veg food at Tamil Nadu House Canteen

Check out the food review of Tamil Nadu House Canteen located in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. This canteen is also listed on Zomato but not on Swiggy. Below is the google map location of this state…


  1. Dhakne mein bekar lag raha hain ….. ugh

  2. At least speak clearly .Your lisping is so irritating

  3. Any one can enter?

  4. Sab bohat accha tha but mutton fry dekh ke maza aa gaya . Bohat badhia saand bhi !

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely video the food looks so delicious and tempting. I love Indian food that’s why I Subscribed to your channel Infact apart from you I also love “HAPPYSTEPS” another Indian food blogger based in Dubai. I would recommend you and “Happysteps” to do a food review together for once. You both will rock. Love to you.

  6. Bhooka saand sakal dikhana to apna

  7. Abe deepak kalal ki trh kiu bolte ho…

  8. Shubham Kumar Sk

    Mast video banaya aapne.

  9. bhai tu galat entry se gya peeche se h entry

  10. i live near it. and they serve tasty food… at best price. but they dont do home delivery :'(


  12. Sand bhai achi video thi

  13. You order lot of food but not properly explain or not sequencely explain

  14. Nice video yaar but

  15. kon kon chahta hai ki bhai facecam kre…?

  16. love from Bangladesh

  17. Kaam karne wale teenager hai?

  18. Kya ye bhavan government ka he ? Kya yaha sab log ja sakte he ispe information do . Or agar vaha Gujarati bhavan ho to uska bhi video banao

  19. Worst quality try talapakati bro

  20. Shashi Vishwakarma

    Bahut mast jhakkas sand bro

  21. Gurpreet singh Walia

    Costly hai

  22. Evolution : Machine to Man

    Nice video,

  23. Bhai 52k sub hogye ab to shakal dikhai

  24. Nice video. That's sambar with the dosa and not rasam. It's moongfali chikki and not gajak. In tamil Nadu you get Meetha Paan only when you ask for it. Else plain paan is served (called Vetalai Paaku).

  25. paji tusi pakka tilak nagar di side do ho.. kadi milo yaar….apne fans k liye ek get together banao


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