Why McDonald's Doesn't Have A Vegan Meat Burger In The US

As consumer diets continue to shift toward healthier food, plant-based alternatives are becoming more and more popular. Fast-food chains like Burger King, …


  1. McDonald's is probably working on their own burger.

  2. One thing's for sure…the MacDonald's CEO is a freaking idiot. A) It's not a trend. Move away from meat protein is going to continue. B) A large majority of people won't care about cross contamination with equipment. If all the other QSR can do it, surely they can as well. C) The biz case is a no brainer and easier to make than the all day breakfast one. He's actually worried massively about cannibalization is my thought.

  3. But they do have one, they just haven't launched it everywhere in the USA yet. Like what?

  4. As a vegetarian of over a decade, the impossible burger oozing fluids looks disgusting to me… Clearly I’m not the target of these types of products, but as a vegetarian, the last thing I want is vegetarian protein that tastes or looks like meat… Yuck. I’ll take to black bean or lentil burger please

  5. mcdonalds is basically already vegan. Soda (chemicals and sugar (plant) or corn syrup (plant). French fries (plant). Buns (plant), slew of veggies (plants), and somewhere in there are tiny little "beef" patties and some disgusting pasteurized grain fed cheese. of course then the grain fed carcinogenic burgers are also cooked in plant oils. It's been plant based the whole time with small amounts of nutritionally lacking animal products, hence why it's always been so unhealthy

  6. I got a friend that used to work at BK and she told me that the veggie burger sold like crazy.

  7. It's definitely not a fad. Plant based is here to stay

  8. Mickey Ds doesn’t have vegan options because they are ignorant

  9. Cutie Pie & Chloe Chanel

    MacDonalds customers are not looking for claimed health foods. We are hungry dammit

  10. Bean burgers aren’t tasteless! Sure some are pretty bad but others are really good and homemade is best! I love homemade bean burgers.

  11. I have been eating meatless burgers and chicken patties since the 80's and nothing beats the original Worthington foods. After Kellogg bought them, they changed the product line and we got Morningstar Farms. A second rate brand.
    Since when did restaurants added meatless food?

  12. So the answer lies in the price, cost, supply, and demand.

  13. Plant-based burger…….

    It’s called SANDWICH

  14. All protein is plant based lol. It's 2019 and people STILL think protein comes from meat? It's only in meat because the animals that people eat are PLANT EATERS!

  15. Plant based is poison.

  16. A grocery store near me started carrying the Beyond Burger and I have been gorging on them for the past week! I have had this veggie burger in the past but now it's in a local grocery store nearby, now it's much more accessible.

  17. They tried it before in America, and it didn't sell. Vegans are only a small fraction of the population, and veggie burgers taste lousy.

  18. There's an endless supply of soylent green McDonald's could use!

  19. Thúy is streaming Fancy by Twice

    I didn't know Simon was the CEO of Mcdonald's

  20. Winter Tarzan Jagrup

    I would never eat a plant or veggie burger I would throw it in the trash where it belongs

  21. Enigma Productions

    Why did they have this mush mouth gorilla narrate this?

  22. In Norway they do

  23. "Plant based meat", "vegan meat burgers", while meat substitutes exist there is no such thing as vegan meat

  24. 0:38 "shift towards "healthier foods"" as if meat is unhealthy. Goes to show how uneducated these journalists are.

  25. I got a McDonald’s ad for this vid

  26. Now wait hold up. They got rid of the one they had in the Netherlands. Now there's a veggie burger with egg in it

  27. Soy is not meat its ,phytoestrogens laced legume sludge

  28. Going vegan or just eating local organic meat/dairy gets high marks among the gods. You are as you eat, both metaphorically/spiritually/and metaphysically.

  29. Why would they want to add another human killing processed food item to their menu? They already have enough toxic food.

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