Why I Started Tasty Vegetarian

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  1. Hey everyone, Merle here 🙂 thanks for watching and I hope I've managed to make vegetarian and vegan dishes a little more approachable, whether you choose to eat meat or not! Are there things about plant-based diets that you are curious or confused about?

  2. Disney World Videos/Randomness

    4:42 One time a "mumf"

  3. I’m not vegetarian nor am I vegan but your videos are so inspiring so is your journey. I absolutely love your content and your dishes are delicious!!!

  4. "I don't want anyone saying that you're a horrible person just because you're not vegan. I want to show you a vegan recipe that you don't want to pass up on."
    I'm not vegan but it's because of people like you that helps me not see all of vegans in the "you're not vegan and that's evil" way

  5. I'm a part-time vegetarian

  6. Fuck y'all vegans

  7. Parmesan is not vegetarian

  8. For the pancake scan you replace the flour with coconut flour and almond flour?

  9. She looks like cristine of simplynailogical

  10. She looks like cristine of simplynailogical

  11. i am not vegetarian or even a vegan, but i definitely interested in plant based foods to add variations and some health benefit to my everyday diet. I don’t think veganism should be forced to anyone, but contributing once in a while is good i guess

  12. Setareh Jafari-Tadi

    I'm vegetarian and all of your recipes help me so much!

  13. I completely support vegetarianism n veganism
    Want more of these videos from u r platform I m expecting more these kind of video

  14. Excellent video

  15. That's not a MEATBALL!!!!

  16. there was a 7 day vegan video? who knew,

  17. The potato from the start is also in Denmark

  18. Has anybody else thought to move to new York and apply to tasty

  19. They sell the tornado potatoes at festivals here in Korea!

  20. you should start a tasty vegan

  21. Please, keep making vegetarian food recipe video. They are mouth-watering, amazing and easy. I just satisfied when I watch people cooking vegetarian food.

  22. No one gives a fuck

  23. because you have nothing better to do

  24. Awesome video! Love finding easy explainable vegetarian or vegan food on Tasty.

  25. Parmesan cheese is NOT vegetarian lol

  26. Gosh darn it Alvin… I loose… I really love ALL these videos and i'm slowly trying to become more vegan or vegetarian.

  27. Oh my goooooood hahahaha I've made so many of your recipes!!!!!! I wouldn't imagine there was just one person behind it but you basically made me vegan ahhahaha

  28. This makes a lot of sense, but I don’t want to start a diet yet.

  29. Cool.

  30. I really appreciate the risk and chance! As a vegan myself sometimes it's can be frustrating to have food promoters that are aren't accommodating to different diets and or allergies…
    So thank you!

  31. Indie-Rose Thoburn

    Thanks for this!! All those Veggies out there appreciate it!!! (Me)

  32. Any cooler job than mine….

  33. I didn't even know!!! Can u subscribe to this alone?

  34. “Why I started tasty vegetarian “

    So you can get more money

  35. I love your vegetarian videos, thank you so much for making them!

  36. I feel like Alvin is the bfny's rie

  37. I love being a vegetarian

  38. The cinnamon rolls are the best ever my whole family gets so exited when I decide to make them

  39. I want to be a tasty producer I've always wanted to be

  40. this video is just inspiring 🙂

  41. fake news

  42. 4:07 I hav tryphobia…

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