Why do Muslims have Non-Vegetarian food? Can a person be a Vegetarian and yet be a Muslim?

Dr Zakir Naik answers a Question posed by Non-Muslim Brother Mahendra Kumar. Why do Muslims have Non-Vegetarian food? Can a person be a vegetarian …


  1. So I couldn't watch after 3 mins because it's cancerous. I didn't want brain cancer.

    Anyway, 1. There are 20 amino acids, not 23.
    2. 9 cannot be produced by our body.
    3. Some plants do have all the 9 amino acids like soy beans and quinoa. Let's say you only have those foods that don't have all 9 but that doesn't mean you will be eating chappati all day as a vegan. If you are having a balanced diet, you are getting all 9 essential amino acids through combinations of different foods. Infact there is no such thing as a protein deficiency. The human body has the ability to recycle amino acids.
    4. Animal proteins increase igf-1 levels which is a cancer promoting growth hormone.
    5. Animal products are linked to 15/16 leading causes of death including heart diseases, stroke, type-2 diabetes in adults, type-1 diabetes in infants, Alzheimer's and Cancer.
    6. Humans are herbivores. A lot of animals have pointy canines like Gorillas (yes, including Harambe (PBUH)), pandas, Hippos, Lemurs, Bonobos, Chimps….. infact all fruggivores have canines and flat teeth. It's used to cut through hard foods. Have you seen a dog's, brown bear's, cat's teeth? They have all pointy because they are omnivores – no flat teeth at all.
    7. Only herbivores can suffer from atherosclerosis. So can humans because it's a cholesterol related disease and only omnivores can regulate cholesterol
    8. Our intestines are 12 times the length of our torso – long like the herbivorous animals' omnivores have theirs 3-6 times.

    Based on these facts.
    Here are 2 possibilities:
    1. Your god says you have to be vegan.
    2. Your religion is factually incorrect.

  2. Unclear and irrational, were you with Allah when he wrote the book?? It's all personal interpretation to support non veg.

    non veg food has the lowest of the vibrations… and causes sick thoughts.

  3. That's an perfect answer Dr Zakir !

  4. I think it is disrespectful to eat meat out of want. Nobody should want meat, to want pain, suffering. Instead, we should all need food. Needing is purer, a better face of innocence than wanting. As a Vegan, I still pray to God for the meal, because the plant sacrificed it's body for my temple.

  5. Dr. Zakir, I actually shook your hand in Qatar, But I must correct you here. Every single amino acid is available in a plants. Quinoa for example, has every single amino acid you mentioned. I know you are a medical doctor and everything, and I have nothing but utmost respect for you, and I trust your ethos. But what I say is true. Also, with your teeth argument, the teeth of carnivorous and omnivorous mammals like bears and dogs are very sharp and long, unlike ours, and of course, their diets are designed for meat and plants. Gorillas for example, have much longer and sharper teeth than humans and are strictly herbivorous, so, one would assume that our pointy teeth serve a purpose, possibly combat. There is no evidence, whatsoever, from an accredited peer-reviewed source that plants cannot feel pain. They do not make sounds at any frequency brother. There is evidence from peer-reviewed sources and articles on pubmed.gov with high impact factors that suggest a correlation that Vegans and vegetarians tend to live 6 years longer than meat-eaters. Anyways, Allah knows best.

  6. Mr. Dr. Zakhir Naik – A direct challenge for you

    Is God dumb and impotent enough to NOT make a food that is not living (non-living things) as foods and drinks for the living things if He is as claimed "The Most Merciful"?

    Why religious people eat foods/recipes which are not mentioned in their respective sacred scriptures? They should not consume which God has not mentioned, right!? What are the consequences of eating God-created foods but many may not be recommended by Him in His books and still being used by ALL believers without a shame whatsoever by giving one or the other reason!

    He creates fruits and vegetable and He only creates microbes/worms/insects to infect them or make them rotten! Didn't He have any idea to create separate foods for them too!?

    Why each and every food (prepared or unprepared) has different shelf life and each and every food is infected/polluted in both
    natural and by man even though man has not created anything!?

    Is leaving gas (farting) good or bad? Why do we leave it? Food? Why would they (Food) cause fart/gas if it is given by the Lord
    Himself for our consumption? Why did He created gas-producing foods? Purpose and significance please!

    Why there are somethings called constipation and straining that usually lead to piles when we are His ultimate/perfect creation and we are eating what He has given us as food from Nature? Any religious answers?

    Why natural things 'decay', like fruits, vegetable, nuts, grains, etc. or even all the foods that God Himself has recommended to consume? Why there is an 'expiry date' to His prescription even though when He is present in all living and nonliving things? At least these should have been exceptions! Any religious answers?

    What is the purpose and significance of creating foods and drinks from the God and that too which are both good and bad/fatal for us!!?

    Is God omnipotent? The purposes and significance of Foods and Drinks? What was the need to make a Body/Carrier of Soul that can't live without fuel (Foods)? Why He could not create a non-living thing as Food for all living things if at all He wanted so? If there is no need to eat and drink, many sins of Mankind will not happen at all! Did He deliberately trap us?

    Why millions die without food and water or with water-borne diseases?

    We eat man-made foods from the God's given ideas and Pharmacy (Nature) and we drink man-made water from the God-made pathogens filled/dusty/filthy/smelly/and Bull/Human/who know what and all marine and land-creatures' shit, pee, and body secretions containing etc. water sources…Since whatever he creates is God given, how come we get diseases out of those things – Foods and Water? Why does shit and pee looks and smells like you know…? Why we get dental caries/cavities? even when we are eating 'divine' foods and water?

    If it is to create the differences can't that be small or can't that knowledge be built-in by birth since He is omnipotent?!! Why some children and adult eat and drink them?

    We are the ultimate and perfect creature made by the omnipotent and omniscient God, but many a times, even the foods created and recommended by Him (Raw/dirty/pests eaten/filled and which needs preparation most of the time) stuck up in between even the perfectly designed and gums teeth (that too not all!) by the perfect/greatest Designer, but He was kind/loving/concerning, and caring enough to give His children/Mankind the idea of toothpick, flossing, brushing with brush and a toothpaste for the divine smelling mouths (esp. in the mornings) to prevent cavities and what not! at least after 1000s and 1,00,000s of years and the idea/knowledge of cleanliness/hygiene/preparation by the use of pesticide to kill the creatures (which He only created to feed on human food) and the art of cooking!

    He only creates foods for us and creates creatures that feed on plants/trees/fruits/seeds/grains/vegetables/roots and then He only gives idea of pesticides to us!! Can't we have dedicated/customized foods for us – The most favorite and the greatest creation of Him?

    Since cooking helps in survival of humans, He could have made every one a default cook! Why He did not make so?

    Why does food gets roasted into black charcoal sometimes if both Fire (demigod Agni) and foods are God's gift to Mankind?

    If people follow just the foods and drinks mentioned in the so called Holy Books that are said to the 'Word of God Himself' people will starve to death, have malnutrition, have diseases, get bored, etc. is it not?

    And the Lord said – Let there be few creatures that will sit on shits and on many unmentionable areas of other creatures and also sit on about to be eaten foods of many creatures later – Then came the mighty Makkies 120,000 species of flies and other insects which usually do just that! Whether you are good or bad, whether you are boy or girl, whether you are rich or poor, etc. Thank you God for one of the spectacular gifts to your loving children/mankind and other innumerable victims 🙂 Why flies sit on our food? Why we can sometimes see larvae in our food?

  7. WHAT argument 23 ammino acid only in NON veg not in veg BIG LIE.

    not even NON VEG HAS ALL AMINO ACIDS at a time (ONLY MOTHERS MILK is considered complete FOOD) but combined Veg can have ALL AMINO ACID also VEG Is more healthier compared to non veg ACCORDING to DOCTORS

    BY having SMAll Digestive system it means WE should have MOre NUTRITIOUS FOOD LIKE Grains , SEEDS FRuits more over COOCKEd food HAs reduced need for BIG digestive system IT does not mean you eat MEAT


    EVEN Herbivores HAVE CANINes eg HIPPOPOTOMUS biggest canine , GORILLAS

    HInduism does INclude jainism as its part

  8. i read that it is more halal for a muslim to not eat meat…i read that, allah allows for eating meat but it's not the best thing to do and on top of that, he has restrictions on what kind of meat you can have so that it is a weaning process to get people off of meat eating.
    we can digest both sets of foods but it takes a much longer time for meat to be digested.

  9. Omg you people, he's not saying you can't be vegan and Muslim he's saying that you can if you want and if you don't its not a sin. Stop listening to only certain parts of the video without an open mind

  10. Why os there a Nazi sign at 4:15? On the book cover?

  11. Soy is a plant product, and has all amino acids. Thus the idea that u have to eat meat to get all amino acids is not valid. Also, eating beans and rice will give all amino acids.

  12. fokking monkey speaks, die bloody muslim

  13. Amino acid profile is a horrible myth perpetrated by meat industry. Methionine reduction has also been shown to be beneficial.

    God gave permission for times of necessity and famine. You must look at what was at the time of Creation.

    God made it so our bodies would suffer from the cholesterol/hormone consumption for a reason. Man's selfishness is wreaking havoc and suffering among his creation.

    He will reward your love/mercy of his creations.

  14. Watch Pandit Mahendrapal Arya !

  15. stage act, weak argument and not logical facts..

  16. Weak argument "meat is more nutricious" ya with all that fat and cholesteral. When I can eat something like Beans or Lentils with protein very little fat, no cholesteral

  17. I'm Muslim and Vegan

  18. this guy needs to take a fucking anthropology class. Herbivores have giant canines (honing canines). This is seen in gorillas. when humans started eating meat, our canines decreased in size

  19. lion eats raw flesh…u also eat raw flesh….moron

  20. How bout monkeys and gorillas they have k 9s

  21. I'd imagine vegan gains responding to this vid

  22. islam is lies of muhammed.

  23. Dr Zakir Naik makes a very good answer:
    quran says to eat so, we must eat! quran says to kill so, we must kill! eating non-veg will keep you more healthy.

  24. Meat is disgusting. Stop lying to these people.

  25. Also, our "pointed" teeth are not the same as a carnivorous animal's pointed teeth. Do we really have the same teeth as these very lions he is comparing us to, no we don't. Lions' pointy teeth are also very long but we have short and pointy teeth in order for us to cut our vegetables into smaller pieces. Is this guy really a doctor? lol he can't even say 'amino acids' properly so I doubt it haha. Furthermore, lions also smell each other's asses to greet one another so does that mean we should too? Lmao.

  26. I am a Muslim and I think his argument is very weak. Meat is not made for JUST human consumption, just because humans consume it and it is permissible to do so, does not mean it is made just for us to eat it. At the time of the Prophet SAW the conditions to grow plant-based food wasn't ideal so not much could be grown to sustain everyone, therefore, animals were eaten as a means of survival. However, in this day and age we have so many different varieties of plant-based foods that there is really no reason to kill billions of animals for "protein" when broccoli has more protein than beef and also have a HUUUUGEEE industry based off of killing and serving the corpses of cows and other animals (eg chicken etc)

  27. Fuck u dr

  28. how can you respect more a book talking about ALLAH MADE BY MEN, but dONT RESPECT ALLAH CREATIONS THE ANIMALS AND ALL HE CREATED.


  29. does this doctor knows about spirulina? a plant that has more protein than chicken and beef together, dont beleive me do your research, this doctor dont know shit.

  30. essential amino acids are present in vegetarian foods also

  31. Dr zakir naik u Ur Quran is absolutely bullshit fuk off moron the only thing u have zero knowledge abt vegetarian ful off u fake

  32. Photos Collection

    Lol teeth analyse Karo come to result

  33. Photos Collection


  34. What is the reason of non stop voilence and killings more today

  35. Canon teeth are there for many other reasons. This is such a foolish reason.. If u want to eat . U can but. don't blame on God.

  36. Page no. Fak raha h…may be he read religions but he is not able to understand these ..

  37. This argument that human beings have both kind of teeths (flat as well sharp pointy) is a bit too much. Can a human being tear a live animal like a TIGER, LEOPARD or LION or BEAR do ? No. We have to use KNIFES and BAKE IT to make it edible. And we have to CHEW and GRIND the food before we can swallow it (barring liquid or semi-liquid exceptions). In that line of argument, it is inappropriate for human beings to eat NON-VEGETARIAN food! But that is not a sound line of argument honestly. Human beings have TWO LEGs and that means human beings are only meant to WALK. We should not go in CAR or PLANE as that is against the principle of biological disposition! But we do (and I am sure Mr. Zakir Naik does it at all). Allah and Quran has made no mention of COMPUTER, CELL PHONE, TV, ELECTRICITY, AC, CAR, TRAIN, AIRPLANE etc. etc but MUSLIMS all over the world use that. In fact, one of the requirements of Islam (if not a must) is to make a trip to Mecca during one's life time and it would not have been possible for MUSLIMS to do that if these means were not present! Fact of the matter is, we are evolving and NO BOOK, however smart, written in 14 century, by copycats can be the beacon of guidance of rest of the humanity!

  38. Human,pigs,buffalo all are animals(so called science) … So we should kill humans also… Starting from you dr.

  39. Being non veg is NOT more healthy than being vegetarian. That is absolute bullshit.
    Shaolin monks are vegetarians.
    Rastafarians are vegetarians.
    All the vegans of the world who compete in sports are of the highest class of fitness and almost never fall sick.
    Vegans of the world live far longer than meat consuming people, and have a much stronger immune system and more stamina and power, and more physical prowess.
    These are facts. If anyone think I'm lying, do your own research.

  40. It's not even about what meat contains. The very flesh is not suitable for the human digestive system. This is why carnivores have a different digestive system than ours, so that they can excreet the meat out within 3 hours. A human who has the same digestive system as a herbivore, when he consumes meat the meat does not leave the body before 24 hours. What do you have to say about this, Dr. Zakir? Ok meat has protein and all that, but our body does not take it in so well. Even the soil has all 102 minerals that the body needs, does that mean it's okay to eat the soil? No, because our bodies are not made to consume soil! Plants do that, and then we come and eat the plants. We are actually food for the predators. If we were meat eaters, a predator would not eat us. Predators do not eat other predators, this is a fact. Please get your facts right, and stop trying to find any little excuse to make yourself and others feel that it is okay and good to eat meat. Because it is not. And those who eat meat will not suffer in the afterlife, they will suffer in THIS life.

  41. What kind of foolish doctor is he? Did he even look at the mirror ? Do human beings have similar canine teeths as developed as the carnivore animals?

  42. Vegan and practicing. It's so easy, I never have to worry about halal. ❤️


  44. Dutch Indoorgrower

    Eating meat is destroying the planet, simple as that (do some simple research and you will see for yourself). Every religion that allows it can not show a true path. Think about that.

  45. Oh here he is again (baggy trousers). I don't care what he says. Give me a plate of gammon & pineapple with French fries, mushrooms, tomato & peas a bit of scrambled egg too if you like and of course all the condiments, mmmmmm I like!

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