Whole30 Diet Creator Shares Her Easy Recipes and Cooking Tips

Melissa Hartwig, the author and creator of the Whole30 eating plan, reveals what you can eat and what you should avoid for 30 days to create your own …


  1. What’s wrong with legumes?

  2. JoJosXSanji - Kagenime

    What the heck. This is just Keto for 30 days. Why are people coming up with these stupid things that already is a thing and make a big deal about it.

  3. Life changing! Love whole 30

  4. Very nice video! Love your channel.

    If you want a 28-day diet program that worked for me (and lots of other people) Hit The LINK: bit.ly/28daysdiet

  5. I love this plan, did 3 rounds but i miss yogurt & legume

  6. Kathleen Elizabeth Rotherham

    How could I eat vegan on this plan?

  7. Jonas Baldvinsson


  8. What abt vegetarians..

  9. Jodielee & Marzi

    Can’t wait to watch this guys – I hope the eats are cheap – watch my latest upload to find out why hahaha – I love dr oz

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