Whole Food Vegan Transition Guide + What I Eat in a Day

I am always spouting about a whole food vegan diet and studies on its ability to reverse diseases, but I have failed to give practical advice on how to do it. So I hit …


  1. What's your problem with olive or avocado oil?

  2. Any advice for someone who is already vegan, has tried wholefoods twice but just gets unmotivated? Like I get fed up of veg and grains and beans I can't eat it and I just want beautiful cheese smothered vegan pizza.

  3. Enjoyed this very much. It may help me get back on board the whole foods thing. I usually add onions, garlic and mushrooms as they provide such goodness and help fight cancer. Thank for your videos.

  4. What about enriched oats can i eat that? Cause old fashed oats are expensive for me and my budget.

  5. I agrre with you but i suggest people not to go full no salt. Its a mineral that our body needs and if your not getting enough your body will get cramps. I tried going no salt and kept getting cramps at night. Everything else i agree and your channel helped me go vegan thank you 🙂

  6. how often is it ok to have a vegan treat? like non-dairy ice cream or my favorite which is a small bowl of ezekiel cereal with a little maple syrup and sunbutter 😀 I'm trying to be extra careful with refined sugar and flour/processed foods but I do like to treat myself to tastiness! But I also don't want to be harming my body.. it's confusing :/ also is uncooked olive oil really not good for you?

  7. I honestly never cooked my own oats before, nor cooked with that much water in a pan when replacing oil… thank you so much for sharing these recipes!! And yes, I like to stick to a whole food, plant-based diet myself! ^^ ❤️

  8. Влад Демух

    If i eat like this little fat, my libido drop at bottom of the world, when i return to eat a lot of saturated fats, my sex life came back
    Terrible diet for me, i'm skinny and not overweight 20 y.o.

  9. Brittaine Lyles

    Day 3 of being vegan. I really didn't know what to cook this video helped.

  10. Trying to transition to vegan diet since a week. Something is this video got me confused – no oils? What about coconut oil? Virgin olive oil? Sesame oil? I cannot imagine cooking without oils… Are there any reasons for excluding these?

  11. Iodine is essential for thyroid function. You should also research goitergenic foods, eating too many can also inhibit iodine absorption furthering slowing thyroid function. Lastly people that are long distance runners like myself lose a lot of electrolytes so so salt is very important. If I do not have some salt in my diet I will almost pass out frequently (dizzy spells) So please do not discourage people from getting salt or iodine, yes in moderation. But for people like myself I live off a plant based diet and have to add salt to my diet.

  12. Svea sweetcookielover

    Is tofu a wholefood? And I would be VERY VERY interested in what you think of Robert Morse’s work and theory… his YouTube is “robertmorsend”. Please check him out, because I’m really torn between a partially cooked wholefoods lifestyle & mostly fruitarian… The reason I really believe Robert Morse is because he literally uses PHYSICS, but sapien’s evolution into a starchivore sounds pretty accurate as well… help…

  13. Great video…thank you! But I have to add (because it's driving me crazy) that "vs." is the abbreviation for "versus" and is pronounced more like "verses" than "verse."

  14. If you f preach health diet stop using canned tomatoes you numbnuts

  15. I don't think its healthy to reduce your salt so much, it's so important for different body functions. Reduced salt diets are for people with high blood pressure and other medical conditions, not healthy young people.

  16. huge portions

  17. Very helpful! I've been transitioning to vegan over a couple months now and have been completely vegan for two weeks now, but I'm still relying on "kale and brocolli bites" or veggie burgers. This is such a big help.

  18. Jesus, please lower your dose of Ritalin. Try slowing down and trusting yourself a bit more. Do your dreams find you all the time in a courtroom? Now regarding your cooking… Cooking that long in steaming water with the lid on will effectively kill 75% of all the nutrients in your food which are temperature sensitive. The broccoli ended up looking terrible, soggy and like it was found in a bog. In your constant haste you are check-mating yourself. Its silly. Relax. And please try to embrace some moderation. Cooking oil and salt in the diet will make very little difference in all the stats you machine gun your audience with. Again. Do you want to help people or are you trying to be 'impressive'. Get real.

  19. Can you make some air fryer recipe or pressure cooker recipes videos?

  20. don't think I could live without olive oil.

  21. Georganne Collett

    This is so so SO good Mic….ive been wfpb no added fat exactly a year….will listen to this again…look closely at whats giving you the zinc and selenium….bc im continually only getting about 54% of both of these….thx alot

  22. Franz Fortuny L

    Thank you very much for this video. It had been here for close to 2 years. Cronometer dot com (which you do mention here) is an excellent tool to find out how intelligently you are providing valuable nutrients to your body, instead of focusing only on macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates). I just want to share that I am very happy after I filled in my first day (yesterday). I learned that… I am doing things right! Vitamin D came from the soy beverage I prepare with whole cocoa powder and hemp seed. Super interesting. Thanks again, Mic. the Vegan. If cronometer dot com is a valid tool to measure the quality of your food, it is also an immediate indicator that my vegan food is simply the right thing to do.

  23. i really dislike brocoli in any state, is there any other veggie with same benefits?

  24. what about frozen fruits and veggies?? or precooked whole meals? also vegan cheese? its not whole but how bad could it be?


    GET AN INSTANT POT. Made me going WFPB so much easier.

  26. Just out of curiosity,… How many times a day do you eat something? (Meals + in between snacks)

    And what are the macro nutrient ratios?

    I'm surprised you don't use any nutritional yeast. ( For the B vitamins.)

  27. Anthony Pietrangelo

    Hey Mic, I keep hearing this "soy raises estrogen" line from my friend and I'm unsure of where to find reliable studies to determine whether this is true or false. I'd love a quick comment/reply or even a short vid that would help others and myself who are wondering about the same thing. Thank!!!

  28. Do you eat peanut butter? Im asking because of the oil separation that comes with it (I know you are oil free)… Im assuming that doesn't count ?

  29. like your work for helping health

  30. I personally think the whole b12 thing is a myth.. Apperently it's created by bacteria.. Bacteria in our bodies out number our cells!! Bacteria in our bodies carry more dna and genes than our bodies alone and can greatly influence our genes and health.. Food for thought

  31. TheMatron'sMilitia

    Tofu isn't quite whole, most of the fiber is removed

  32. a little late to the party, but does tofu contain soy protein isolate?

  33. salt is really healthy for you. most people dont get enough salt.

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