Where to Eat in LA’s Little Ethiopia – Food Neighborhoods, Episode 4

Mahlet Adamu knows that some of the best vegetarian food in California can be found in Little Ethiopia. Join Mahlet as she guides us to the authentic dishes that …


  1. so how many combos of sand, dirt, and malnutition will it offer on its menu?

  2. Pretty pointless video, as far as food videos go.

  3. not a very good host imo

  4. Have you tried african food before? Neither had them

  5. thank you for changing the name of this series!

  6. Where's the sand bro?

  7. Katherine De Jesus

    My favorite ethnic food is Ethiopian food. I live in Denver and any time I have a friend or family visit I take them to have Ethiopian food. They also have fallen in love with the food too.

  8. Quan-Douglas Ubiquitous Sylvester The Eleventeenth

    I'll save you the trouble watching the video:

  9. Nate McFadden Live

    Hahah the host is an Afro-Centric loony and won't admit the food is trash.

  10. Nate McFadden Live

    There's food in Ethiopia?

  11. host is whack

  12. I wouldn't pay to eat any of this food. It's so basic. Not every cuisine deserves a restaurant.

  13. Salt and coffee? Huh. That's one of the weirdest combinations ever.

  14. i love the traditional coffee ceremony. roast the beans, throw it in a 120v bean grinder with western power adaptor, steep it. so nice

  15. people who eat together don't betray each other, what happened to Jesus and Judas?

  16. Ethiopian food is soooooo good!

  17. Mahlet has now given me an Obsession with Ethiopian coffee! Also I never really thought about breakfast but I will try that now if it is available here in Salt Lake City.

  18. could land a plane on that forehead

  19. I haven't seen this many white Africans since Barack Obama was President.

  20. In Ethiopia strangers can walk into your house. xD Probably because no one owns anything. lol

    I'd love to try Ethiopian food sometimes though. That looks good.

  21. Dark humor is like food in Africa. Not everyone gets it.

  22. I thought there was no food in Ethiopia

  23. host needs to work on interacting with the restaurant owners better. very evident in the part with the cafe owner.

  24. Ivan Lomeli lomeli

    Thank you

  25. That looks bomb!! And that coffee after!!!

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