In this video we show what we eat in a week. We head to the supermarket to do our weekly vegetarian food shopping & turn it into a shopping haul when we get …


  1. Have you tried soy sausages? Or seitan? I am also vegeterian, and intermarché has it! 😀

  2. hello! you should do some vlogs cooking a vegetarian meal!

  3. Michelle Topham

    You eat very very healthily. Good for you! I'm vegetarian too, but don't do quite as well as you. Need to do better 🙂 Oh and blender juice is much healthier than juice from a juicer as you get the pulp too. Juicer juice is just pure sugar — not really that healthy, especially if you drink it every day.

  4. Hi guys, may I ask, do you speak Portuguese?
    In other words, is it possible to live in Portugal with only English or does one have to learn Portuguese?

  5. I also like my coffee strong 🙂 In future, order a "café duplo com leite" (double espresso with milk). I think that'll be more to your liking 😉

  6. Ilm Caterpillar

    And I love to see your videos I watch them every day thank you for your work

  7. Ilm Caterpillar

    Just to let you know I'm Portuguese but living in London. Portugal is not a meat eating country more a fish eating one

  8. I have been enjoying all your videos for the last few months. I find I relate with you guys on so many levels. I am a life long vegetarian and have a daughter only a few weeks older than Story. Her name is Satori. You both have been inspiring me to start vlogging as well. I look forward to your videos as well as watching these tiny moments. Thank you for showing us your family! Lot's of love from Canada <3

  9. Wow! Ep500! Super good! 🙂

  10. Me again :-))) love the food hall. May I ask. Did you guys buy your home or are you renting. Sorry if that too personal. Much love Jason

  11. When you ask a "meia de leite", and you want a "strong meia de leite", ask for a "meia de leite escura", dark meia de leite. They put 2 stong coffees on the meia de leite. And you pay only a meia de leite. 😉

  12. I always found ut a challenge to be Vegetarian in Europe but Portugal is one of the easiest!
    I watched yoyr Chiang Rai Waterfall walk again as you suggested! Your Dad is amazing! I hope he's well.
    I'm moving to Chiang Rai soon from sunny Yorkshire ( ^-^) and look forward to doing that walk. Only got so far on my last visit as my friends 4 yr old struggled! Do you miss Chiang Rai?

  13. Bom dia, mundoooo! =]

  14. Jacqueline Napier

    Love the market haul…. Wish you would translate into US Dollars. Love your Vlogs!

  15. how is your language coming along

  16. So happy up see this haul! I have been vegan (I understand you don't label yourself as that though) for nearly 2 years, about the same time I have been watching your channel. I'm not surprised too though as know you guys have been interested in healthy eating and you come across as very compassionate people. Also looking forward to that butternut squash Dahl video!

  17. Viagens Daqui para ali

    Hi Jay and Sacha, I'm vegetarian as well. I think you have an awesome food diet, diverse and full of nutrients 🙂 When you come to Porto again, you really should try the "Essência" Restaurant, you will love it, it's very pretty and they are the best veggie restaurant in town (at lunch it's around 8/10€ for complete meal). Take care 🙂

  18. You need to ask for a "meia de leite de máquina" if you want a meia de leite with expresso.

  19. Great vlog, love your shopping I,m coeliac and apart from your oats that would be perfect for me I very rarely eat any meat but, I love cheese and cream too much to give them up lol xxx

  20. I love linseeds instead of Chia an there are lokal here in Germany

  21. Looks yummy. I drink almond & cashew milk. Delicious. Haven't tried soy milk yet.

  22. Thanks for sharing your food haul with us! Can't wait to see the meals all cooked up, the ones you have planned for the week sound delicious.

    I tried baked chickpeas since Sasha raved about them so much… and they are so YUMMY! Thumbs up 😀

  23. buy the coconuts and do the milk by yourself, I just bought 2 last week for 1.50 and I did the milk. yummy!

  24. I hear Air VPN at the end there. Always so bloody noisy lol.

  25. Congratulations on episode 500. Will look forward to episode 1000. Me and the wife are up to date with your Portugal vlogs. Binge watching the Thailand one's now 🙂

  26. Portugal is the country that has the higher fish consumption per capita in Europe, i wouldn´t say we are a very meaty based country, even tough we have alot of meat dishes, we are more fish/seafood based..our national dish is made of cod fish, and we eat it at the christmas eve too. Another fact is Portugal is actually the 7th most vegan friendly country in Europe, it has 9,5 vegan restaurants per million inhabitants, for example in Spain is 6,8, Germany 7,2 or France only 2,7 it just happens that you´re very far from the capital where most vegan products/restaurants are.

  27. Hi, just very suprised that you are eating still pastel de nata pastries. It has milk, butter and eggs, not vegan at all.

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