What We Eat In A Day For Weight Loss (Whole Food, Plant-Based Vegan Diet)

Read our blog post for recipes, photos & links to products used in this video: http://bit.ly/KrockWhatWeEat We finally made a “What We Eat In A Day” video for you …


  1. Hi, has your grocery bill increased or decreased since on the diet? And can you do a fridge and pantry tour? Thanks

  2. Chicken wings hot sauce advert at the start….

  3. Not boring at all! So inspiring! Thank you!

  4. The smashed banana toast…. sooooo simple.. So good!!! Thanks!!!!!

  5. I love this channel!

  6. Just found you guys and I love it!! Thanks so much for doing this video as I always love to see these. I did try WFPB for 2 days and I was starving – so any suggestions??? I felt better in 2 days getting the junk out of my meals but just couldn’t deal with the starving which was crazy as I ate all I could handle at my mealtimes. Thanks again!

  7. Patricia O'Doherty

    You two are adorable and thanks for your insight and help.

  8. U guys look friggin AWESOME!!! Vegan is the most natural(&kind) diet U can get.Well Done guys!

  9. I have been thinking about switching to a whole foods plant-based diet, but have just not seen anything that shows me that I could do it. Now I have! Thank you guys so much. Today is actually Thanksgiving. We are making only enough for today’s meal and with only one dessert, which I feel is very unlike most Thanksgiving meals. My point is there will be no leftovers! Tomorrow morning I am going to the grocery store and starting this journey. I can’t wait to watch your other videos and check out your website and other social media. I loved the 50s style production of your salad making. However, I don’t know all the stuff you put in there because it moves so fast! I know all of the veggies, but could you post the extra stuff you put on it like the flaxseed, etc.?

  10. New to your channel. Love the videos. Perfect WFPB day, guys!

  11. Awesome video!,,

  12. Shared to my fb page.

  13. Hey guys. New subscriber here! Saw your original potato diet video and was wondering if you’re still doing the no SOS included in your everyday diets? Thanks for the response!

  14. the "non-staining" on the bottom is so smart

  15. Thank you for this! I really need to change things up in my diet.

  16. So you start out in the morning with a huge insulin surge; a moderate surge of insulin for lunch kicked up with some fruit derived fructose; dinner salad looks good but then with frozen sugar for dessert. YIKES! Still – congrats on your weight loss!

  17. Good on you for losing weight, you guys look great, but don't fall for that plant-based BS eat some meat with it. Your body and brain need meat. Just 1 ribeye a day gives you all the protein and amino acids you need and they are more bioavailable than plants that have anti-nutrients and oxalates and spray residue.

  18. The WoodChuck Chick

    OMG if I ate that much fruit they would have to put me on an insulin shot every day. I don’t know how you’re losing weight… If I ate that much food in a day I would weigh 200 pounds. I weigh 135 pounds and I eat one healthy meal every 23 hours.(we do a 23/1 intermittent fasting schedule). If I snack even once outside of my one hour feeding time I would be 137 pounds tomorrow. I am currently now eating every other day (36-40 hour fast) to try to reach my 120lb goal. I am on hour 24 of 40 since I ate. If anyone else is doing alternate day fasting please comment how that is working for you.

  19. LOVE big salads!

  20. this beats videos of people eating a 30 lb lobster and killing something that is so precious

  21. you guys are in love and put your love in your food…. many people posted you are a loving couple for sure

  22. I have watched a few of your videos and am ALWAYS struck by how good both your skins look after going plant-based. Also, the weight loss is amazing. Good for you!!!!!!!

  23. Those lunches are really big! 3 cups of chili, hummus, veggies, fruit, and more fruit?! Oy!

  24. You two are so awesome! New subscriber here! ☺️☺️

  25. I love hearing what people eat to be healthy and happy!! So glad I found you two!! Live to watch your videos!!

  26. Don’t know if you’ve discussed it, but how do you manage going out to a friends house for dinner? Do you bring your own? What about restaurants for special family occasions?

  27. You guys look great.

  28. why the yeast? .. Great idea! a delicious looking salad i think i'll do a big salad this week! you two look beautiful and handsome!

  29. Love you both.
    I eat very little for lunch and dinner.
    No. Breakfast usually.
    Can't loose weight.
    Apparently I'm eating the wrong foods

  30. Wow..this is inspiring.

  31. What a couple of weirdos!! And you are fat, what an example of the diet!!

  32. You guys are awesome

  33. just started watching you guys and you are so nice to watch. thank you for the videos. i just started my journey, have been eating healthy over time, but this is another step. im trying to be as strict as i can until i lose the weight i have 40 lbs to lose. fingers crossed.

  34. That… seems like a lot of fiber. Like, a lot of fiber. Do you poop once a week? Not trying to be a negative Nancy, just curious.

  35. They look realy ill, their eating to many pesticides

  36. So you guys are carb addicts that like to fuck up your immune and digestive system and pancreas hmmmm no fucking thanks that’s why you’re flabby, get some grass fed beef in your diet and stop eating so fucking much and you’ll see much better results , stop shoveling indigestible processed foods in your gullet, I bet you get hungry as fuck and eat 3 or more times a day I’m not even going to watch the rest of the video

  37. You idiots a are eating a malnourishment diet! Gonna lose weight and wreck your gut your hormone your thyroid and other shit at the same time, goddam misinformed vegans man I feel sorry fo you guys

  38. Cute salad montage 🙂

  39. Have you ever weighed everything out to know your exact macros? I know everyone is different, so had just wondered. Anyways, great video, enjoyed it a lot and look forward to stalking the rest of your videos

  40. nice new style brian

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