What to Eat to Lose Weight in 5 Days

Think you’ll get hungry on the mini-fast plan? Think again! Nutritionist Kellyann Petrucci reveals what you can eat and drink to stay satisfied on the 5-Day …


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  2. soo…diarrhea is the key…

  3. Robert Cartz nature lover


  4. I used this and still use it to this day and its helping me so much, still losing a few pounds every week and it doesnt even taste bad which is surprising https://bit.ly/2HKBOzR

  5. Many people are losing weight with this easy and simple remedy. My dear, don’t give up please. Losing weight sometimes need dedication and commitment on your side. However, all things are possible when you give a try. You can lose about 23 pounds in just 21 days as many people are doing that and so you too. Maybe you are wondering, how on earth? But remember my dear as I said, YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS WHEN YOU TRY. Sharing is caring and so I wanted to share this strategy with you for free cos I understand your pain. You can visit the below link and check for yourself and maybe thank me later.Cheers!

  6. Audrey Nicoletti

    That meal wouldnt fill a bird.

  7. I have struggled with losing weight all my life. My knees hurt from bearing all the weight. My mom kept telling me that it is 'hereditary' but deep down I knew something could be done about it. Thankfully my research led me to this weight loss system that was such a breeze to follow. I focused all my energy into putting what I have learnt into action. It never felt so easy with the system I followed. To date I have lost 150 pounds, my knees dont ever ache anymore! I am truly happy. I'm sharing the method here. If you need to rescue your body, just do it! https://bit.ly/2uqUVX5

  8. I bet you do lose weight in 5 days eating that.

  9. Can we use chicken instead of shrimp

  10. yes true playing musical instrument ;ike this prevent eating food makes you forget need to eat food.

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  12. GreatestMinds Resource

    Thanks for the info. I love this too and it work as well https://youtu.be/JuUaif8v6p4

  13. weight loss in 5 days.

  14. This is really not ideal at all lol

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    Best show

  16. Watching this while eating pudding…… oh well.

  17. I’m afraid of staining my teeth though

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