What my VEGAN BABY ate today | RAW FOODS in Hawaii

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  1. breastfeeding milk is not a plant fat. It is animal fat because it come from human beings that pertain to the animal Kingdom. I don't know how these babies will maintain their health when they are off the breast milk.

  2. Avocadoes arent vegan

  3. I'm sorry to break it to you but you are not vegan. Avocados are not vegan. Avocado ranch's exploit bees. I live on an avocado ranch and we get deliveries of bees in boxes to pollinate our trees. Then they go to another ranch. Not living a free life. I wonder how many other fruits and vegetables need bee boxes.

  4. how old is sandy in this?

  5. michi.is.ninetellz

    My one year old is vegan with daddy and I do keto I see a distended belly in my eyes but I was wondering did they gave a rounder oe. Is belly at that age. Lmk if this is just a little chunked belly baby fat or from the diet? Thks. Also suggestions probiotics you use?

  6. Poor child is excited only because he is on the starvation diet.

  7. That kid is way too old to be breast fed

  8. Özcan GÜLTEKİN


  9. He’s vegan but still fat

  10. They eat dinner so early

  11. Ellen, I am going to follow your advice for getting kids to eat greens at a young age.. my oldest son, is basically plant based, but he doesn’t try anything new. He is a very stubborn kid and when he was younger I would just make him the same things over and over again and his food choices kept getting smaller and smaller as time went in. He is 3.5 and hardly eats anything besides carrots, some fruits, nuts, smoothies and noodles. It’s so exhausting trying to get him to eat and even sit at the table with us. We aren’t vegan, but most of the meals we cook at home are plant based. I hope my now 8 month old will love fruits and veggies and food in general how your boys do! He wasn’t a huge fan of avocado at first but I kept giving it to him and now he loves it. Your kids are the picture of health and vibrancy.

  12. It is important to force a baby to be vegan as veganism Is a teeth rotting, muscle atrophying, degenerating, fart fest

  13. Imagine being born to a millenial… not only will they brag about being so "forward" and "healthy" but they will force feed you their blog amd critisize you for being a nORMAL person

  14. Fuck you we dont give a fuck about your stupid vegan life i hope u die in hell

  15. I am so inspired
    I am trying to eat healthy food now

  16. Do you have any pets?

  17. Poor baby. She never know how delicious other meat are.
    You ruined her life u bitch

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