What my TWO year old VEGETARIAN toddler eats in a day HEALTHY

My daughter is a vegetarian, and has been since she was born. She is truly so healthy, and never gets sick (: This is a typical day worth of her favorite meals she …


  1. Amilyplayzroblox

    um eggs is not vegan

  2. Kassandra Monteiro

    Mac and cheese ketchup and butter is unhealthy

  3. Egg is not vegetarian!!

  4. Heavy Breathing Cat

    wait egg isnt vegetarian

  5. really nice

  6. “Healthy” puts an egg on the pan eggs and milk aren’t healthy stop saying it is. All they have is hormones and fat

  7. Kassandra Monteiro

    Wow she ate all that for breakfast what an appetite!

  8. She eats more than me… and I’m a 14 year old girl who is MEGA active

  9. Ailén Bernal Rodriguez

    I am here not to judge or something but why do you use almond milk if you use dairy butter?

  10. I'm vegetarian too

  11. Christy Sanchez

    Thank you for this!!!

  12. Love it

  13. It is truly amazing to see your daughter being so strong in what she or you for that matter support as good eats. I am trying to change my eating ways too. And you all just give me so much hope. Just knowing that the little one can do it so Can I As Adult. Lol.

  14. Courtney Miranda

    Mac and cheese, butter, and eggs are all very unhealthy.

  15. Great ❤❤ thanks for sharing

  16. Ever thought about going vegan for health animal weal fare and environmental reasons xxxxxxxx

  17. Giggles and Scribbles

    Great video! Such yummy healthy meals! New sub here!

  18. Please go vegan for the planet and your children's health.

  19. Jacksha Danuraj

    Your saying vegetarian but eating eggs

  20. DO ANOTHER ONE PLEASE ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Why is alya vegetarian @sunkissedmama

  22. That's a big breakfast

  23. Anna Lisa Rubber

    No I am her biggest fan I love you

  24. Wow this is awesome and healthy at a small age she is going to get a good habit of eating healthy

  25. #askmama why do you have Ayla be a vegetarian?

  26. Maggie The Unicorn Jamma

    Ok…. well…… i kinda wanna eat this……….

  27. Everything looks so ono! Mango especially! This is great inspiration on what meals too make

  28. Love your videos

  29. Kristian Andrews

    That's a lot of food for breakfast. Did she eat all of it

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