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I wanted to share some more yummy raw vegan inspiration for you guys in today’s what i eat video! hope you try out these recipes and enjoy them as much as i …


  1. Stevia is carcinogenic

  2. please tell me that she is your girlfriend or wife? please say yes…because yall would make a cute couple….

  3. I want to do this… all I can think is, it's gonna cost a fortune buying fresh ingredients etc

  4. Can I ask where you got your overalls?? So stinking cute!!

  5. You inspire my little vegan spirit :O ❤️

  6. Are sauces considered raw???

  7. OMG I TRIED THIS RECIPE TODAY, honestly if eating raw can be this good all day everyday, I'm all 100% in. Thank you although I must confess I didnt have enough tahini left so I ground up sesame seeds with a half if an avacado! Scrupulous! Thanks.

  8. PhoenixWay to Holistic Natural Health

    Green juice is so nasty w/o any apples…and apples are good to stimulate cleaning the liver and gallbladder. I never recommend clients do green juice w/only veggies, b/c I don't want them to be grossed out and never juice again. I do believe you've bounced back from fruitarianism by becoming a bit of a carbophobe. Balance, remember? 😉

  9. Hi I’ve been trying to find some help on trying out being raw vegan. Can you help me look for meals . Thank you for your help. My email is punkgrl30@gmail.com thank for the help

  10. All the food just seems like a joke

  11. Bushnell Entertainment

    Lol u made your friend wait so long to eat that salad (Google muk bangs on FB) and you were hovering over it and then she had to get her own fork and reach over your arm!!! Sorry… But that is all I noticed!! Poor lady!!! Thanks for being vegan!

  12. This cool af and I wish I had the willpower and self discipline to do it. I don’t know about never eating a hot meal again tho ):

  13. As a Canadian, I am thinking that I would need to be rich to follow this way of eating. The price for fresh fruits and vegetables is out of this world during winter.

  14. Kate flowers if you don't have a juicer just eat all the ingredients in a bowl like a salad. Chew it really well you will also benefit from the fiber which is really important in the morning to clear out your bowels. !!

  15. Ed central, just like so many other restrictive vegans.

  16. Where did you get your bowls???

  17. Thrive Compassionately!

    I tried these three recipes and there is much to say! Make sure you check out the review on Thrive Compassionately!

  18. 100% had this. And healed from God

  19. Charlotte Oppenheim

    i ate really healthy and took vitamins and all i got was kidney stones

  20. I'm not vegan still not sure I'm headed in that direction (I do love a good steak) but I tried the broccoli slaw recipe and loved it. I prefer raw broccoli to cooked but even raw it's a little bitter usually, the apple counters that nicely though.  I put a dash of cayenne for a bit of zip then tried it with a little balsamic vinaigrette and then again with vanilla Greek yogurt. Both way were great but honestly I could eat it with no dressing. Thanks

  21. i think people should use vegan diets only in short period for health issues or body cleeansing but i think everyone should get insipration from vegans to include more raw and healthy food to their daily diets. meat tastes much better with some vegetables:D and ofcourse paying more antention to animals and how theyre treated

  22. Ryan John Beaton

    You are a fucking idiot vegan sheep

  23. Where can I find the ebook?

  24. Do you have a hard copy recipe book???

  25. I am a new follower and not vegan, but definitely interested it implementing vegan meals, and getting healthier. The more videos I watch, though, the more I am thinking about it. I really appreciate your content and encouraging attitude.

  26. Kate you might want to check out Keto…..nutrient dense….

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