What I Eat in a Work Day (Vegan Food Photographer)

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  1. Leesha McGuiness

    Yay! So glad I just found your channel! Love it so much ❤️

  2. thank you for inspiring me, I am now vegetarian (my goal is to become vegan)! love your recipes and your realness throughout all your videos.

  3. Panda peanut butter puffs are yum

  4. I love Lily! How did her doggie room under the stairs work out??

  5. alwayssophialoraine

    Your personality very obviously changes when you’re around Dylan which is a bummer and I didn’t expect from you. I’m glad you’re happy, I just wish your voice and demeanor didn’t become something entirely different. :/

  6. vegan cereal would be a really cool recipe idea!!!!

  7. I would LOVEEEE to follow you with Yoga videos! I feel like you would be a GREAT yoga teacher!

  8. Oooooooh, boyfriend time :), no wonder!!
    try some Indian, and some Caribbean food too luv!!

  9. I love cereal for dessert, too! Yolo!

  10. LOL Food photographer??
    Then that means she photographs and promotes MEAT, and isn't an ethical vegan!

  11. Brianna Nicole

    Thanks for inspiring to post vegan content of my own! Have been a supporter for years now!

  12. But bacon though!

  13. Monique Williams

    That dog licked her lips

  14. Hi Caitlin, I love watching your videos but I have to be honest and say the content has become a bit repetitive. I love seeing food videos but it would be cool to have more variety across your channel. Videos that still align with your interests of course maybe yoga, self care, thrifting, challenges (a day eating only red/other colour foods), vegan food guide of Portland (your fav places), monthly favourites (food, movies, ethical companies, etc). I really love your authenticity and personality just want to see more variety xx

  15. Is Dylan moved in with you now?

  16. gabrielle's world

    Thanks for the photography advice ❤️ I watched a video from the bite shot recently too!

  17. I love your shirt!!!

  18. Robyn Michelle

    I enjoyed the Peruvian recipe with guest. Mas!

  19. My Mindful Life

    What kind of boards did you use?

  20. Updated skincare please! 🙂

  21. Rhiannon Roberts

    cereal: Cascadian farms has a cinnamon one that is organic and delicious, not sure is it has gluten tho

  22. What does Dylan for for a job? Just curious ❤️

  23. Do a Couples morning and night routine please 🙂

  24. The Pad Thai looks amazing!!

  25. RainbowPlantLife

    I definitely didn’t notice that you started shooting with flash (even though you told me before!), which means you’re doing your job right!

  26. food blogger is not even a real job. other people work so hard from 9-5. you only take a couple photos and upload them you rich. bitch

  27. Cute distraction from 6:59 haha

  28. Vegan pad thai is probably one of my FAV food ever!!!

  29. dianelis fumero

    The brand Vans make a cinnamon square crunch version its pretty close to cinnamon toast crunch.

  30. Christina Glows

    What a tasty life Caitlyn! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Go to sv3rige's YouTube channel and crow over all those idiots and quitters who couldn't figure out how to do Veganism the correct way. I mean – you know how to do it correctly, right? You're not deluding yourself, are you?

  32. Plantiful Picnic

    What is the benefit of having the flash go on for just a second rather than continuous artificial light?

  33. Try Arrowhead Mills brand Maple Buckwheat flakes! YUM!! I eat em with SO Delicious brand unsweetened or Vanilla Cashew Milk!

  34. Rippy4 Freedom

    I like puffed Kamut plane but i chop dates 😉 yum

  35. You should expriment on turkish food

  36. I'm doing the Daniel fast and I've gotten so many ideas from you channel

  37. Christina Marie

    Just made myself a big rice bowl to sit down and watch this video with! I'm so excited lol!

  38. Kamy Rodriguez


  39. julia catherine

    i’m so early!! whaaaa

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