What I Eat in a Week! Vegan, Easy & Healthy Recipes

I have lots of new recipes for you guys! In this video I’m sharing what I eat in a week as a vegan- With super easy and healthy recipes I hope you find this ideas helpful, either…


  1. Disgusting

  2. nailed it

  3. Your food videos have become so much more entertaining now that you cook some of it ❤️

  4. I just came across your channel and it’s legitimately the best channel to help new vegans find new options for dinner . Good Job , keep up the good work !!!!

  5. That looks fantastic! Can't wait to try the broccoli one

  6. Watermelon is bomb
    The salad bowls
    Reg the 619 I'm from San Diego too. I wonder what high school you went to .

  7. loved it . Thanks

  8. YOU are totally HOT!

  9. Ok soo let me just say that I just discovered your channel yesterday and I am glad I did! I tried going vegan for eight months and I fell off the wagon because I was always sooo hungry and I was losing weight which I did not want because I am already small. The first time I did it cold turkey and that was difficult. Right now I am starting off slower. I have cut out all meat except fish which I don't eat much of anyway and I haven't had cows milk in years. If you can give any advice I welcome it! All of your recipes look amazing and I am excited to start this journey again!

  10. She Is a stupid girl

  11. I just found your channel today and I am OBSESSED with you omg. These videos are SO helpful!!

  12. Rawvana ooh na na
    Half of my life is watching Rawvana na na na

  13. Where do you buy your vivo protein powder? I didn't find it on Amazon thanks

  14. Thank you!!! So needed!!! I love your channel already!

  15. It's very little calories you are getting. Basically it's a diet to lose weight, which you really don't need. For someone to maintain weight on this amount of food they would have a very slow metabolism. I think this looks like a great diet to lose weight but not enough if you want to mantain- especially if exercising!

  16. Aloha, thanks for the info! Mahalo

  17. wonu's eggeutarteu

    Your calorie intake is a little concerning…. You should really eat more, especially since you like to work out a lot…

  18. So colorful and delicious!

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