WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (whole foods vegan) // easy vegan meals + snacks!

another day of delicious eats!! today’s healthy meals and snacks, quick and simple. 45 MINUTE VINYASA YOGA FLOW: …


  1. The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ― Thomas A. Edison

    hooray for healthy lifestyle habits vs magic pills!

  2. You are such a cutie 🙂 and your bumping pac that's right! Stay healthy.

  3. we have the same taste buds in terms of salads and I even ordered the same sweater. Twinsies, girl.

  4. if your body fat percentage is too low is can also mess with your hormones.. just a tip because im working on that as well:)

  5. I loved your yoga flow! You have a different eay about it, and it makes me so calm and motivated at the same time ♡ Thank you for being exactly you, Amanda.

  6. The greens from the market looks like tatsoi, I've heard it described as Chinese spinach. I grow it in my garden, so yummy!

  7. It looks like Bok Choy

  8. Do you do intermittent fasting and when do you start/stop eating in a day?

  9. What was the first seasoning you put on the potatoes?

  10. caroline dzubinski

    That random veggie in your dinner was tat soi!

  11. How does you body digest raw vegetables so well 🙁 I seriously struggle with that

  12. lmao yas honey drag that ex

  13. yess!! this totally inspired me to get back to eating yummy whole foods :') <3

  14. I respect people who can eat raw celery, I take one bite and I'm over it. How do people do it? It's a mystery to me. My new years resolution is to eat one stalk and maybe someday I will be able to actually do it, but I know that it will be a hard journey. Nevertheless, I'm willing to work for my goals.

  15. I seriously LOVE you and your videos I can relate to you in so many different ways! I love how youre always trying something new and changing it up, I totally do that type of thing. I think it's funny how you say it's because you're an Aquarius, but for real I feel like you are a Vata according to Ayurveda hahaha because I channel that so hard! Thank you for the amazing videos and you always being honest with your life! Peace, love and light <3

  16. i am always so happy when you upload… no matter which content, its just about your knowledge and wonderful vibes 🙂

  17. We can all thank Medical Medium for the celery juice <3 <3 <3

  18. Will you make a video all about digestion? I have struggled with it my whole life. I thought that by going vegan it would help and it HAS drastically but still not to where I would like to be. Thank you for everything you do!

  19. the vegetable is called tatsoi

  20. I’m in anorexia recovery and still count my calories to see if I’m hitting my calorie mark to help me gain weight but sometimes it just gets too much. Last night I realised I hadn’t had enough calories and I was so tired but I stayed up 2 hours extra just to wait till I wasn’t full from dinner and a calorific smoothie to help get the calories in but that just made me feel awful and so so tired. Is it bad to sabotage sleep just to reach my calorie goals or should I have just gone to sleep when I wanted to, not worrying about the calories?

  21. Talking about the gut, my masters project is researching the effects of probiotics on cognitive functioning and mental health, it's a really interesting field of research and I'm looking forward to beginning testing and seeing what results we find!

  22. ok i never posted such a thing but your words in the first comment are fucking words of wisdom which i am trying to preach to other people, and then i hear 2pac?! fuck im subscribed!

  23. I talked to a dietician that specializes in ibs and she says that the claims behind celery juice and gut health aren't true..!

  24. Hey, Amanda! I am a type one diabetic and suffer from Hashimoto's (hypothyroid), and now have to get checked for PCOS due to fluctuating hormones w moderate acne, hair loss, and unexplained weight gain (I've been working out for five months and only lost ten pounds eerrgh)- I was wondering if you could share more about what you do for balancing your hormones, even though I know you said you're still healing… thanks! I love your videos 🙂

  25. So many vegetables with anti-nutrients. So much sugar. Your poor pancreas and liver! (Can you say fatty liver disease?) Your body wants eggs, cheese, steak, and animal fats. Your teeth and hair are going to start to show aging at a rapid rate. Your bones will begin to hurt in the middle of the night for no reason. It’s your lack of a proper diet! You gave unto the Vegan Diet cult scam!! You’re too pretty for this nonsense.

  26. Harissa Paste is so good on roasted potatoes and vegies try it!

  27. That's definitely bok choy. Super high in calcium.

  28. Loved this what I eat in a day girlie!

  29. i saw the glass and i thought it was jilly juice lol

  30. girl what eyeliner are you wearing ? looks amazing:)

  31. Grapes, apples with peanut butter, and berries are my favorite snacks! Also if I were you, I would have added the dressing at the bottom of the bowl before the salad and toss everything around while gradually integrating more ingredients. The dinner Buddha bowl looks phenomenal too! You're making me hungryyyyyy LOL

  32. Bok choy(?)

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