What I Eat In A Day – Weightloss Foods VEGAN

In today’s video, we show you what we eat in a day! The food we eat gives us clear skin and keeps us slim! Love you guys. 🙂 ❤ ☀ °‧°‧☆ ☾ S U B S C R I B E☽ …


  1. hey all, out of all the weight loss programs that I have ever tried, the only diet that worked for me was Adams fat code (find it on google). Really the most useful diet that helped me.

  2. Since you guys don't eat dairy and you cut soy milk from your diet, what do you make your oatmeal with? I'm trying to get clear skin and get on your diet as well

  3. Hey! Thank you, this vid is fantastic….what brand are the Southwestern bagels? Do they have any added oils? Are they made with refined flours? Also, what jam are you using? Is it a reduced-sugar, or regular? Thank you so much!!

  4. where do u get ur jelly

  5. What type of bagels are these? Are they gluten free??

  6. You girls are adorable! I was vegan for over a decade when I was in my 20s. Than I became a traditional stay at home mom. After returning to a typical un-healthy American diet (once I quit being vegan I went non-vegan with a vengeance!)…my weight & more importantly now my health is beginning to suffer. Now in my mid 40s I'm returning to mostly raw Vegan…TODAY! Thanks for the motivation! Keep up the recipe videos… :)

  7. The Girl With The Service Dog

    I wish i could eat large amounts of fruits… if i eat more than a banana i feel bloated and gain weight

  8. Did you cut out ALL oils and nuts, avocado, etc then?
    And with what milk are you cooking the oatmeal with?:o

  9. Hi! , with what type of oil do you cook? :)

  10. I like the idea of clear skin but i am also trying to build muscle mass what should i do? Also i enjoy your videos they are awesome, keep making them :D

  11. Heather Vallentyne Moreau

    Thanks!! Do you have a western bagel recipe?

  12. NinaAndRanda what kind of bagels do you buy? What brand? Thanks! :-)

  13. What are western bagels? Online it says it's not vegan. Just wondering?

  14. do you guys eat white rice?

  15. How many grams of oatmeal should i eat for breakfast? (im 14)

  16. doesn't bread make you fat?? i love bread but i completely cut it out of my diet cause i thought it makes you gain weight :/

  17. How do you guys make your oatmeal?? It looks delicious! <3

  18. Ketchup on vegetables? uhh…..nah XD

  19. How do you make the western bagels? Are they gluten and dairy free?

  20. I thought simple carbs like breads, pasta, cakes, etc. we're bad for weight loss?

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