WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! WEIGHT LOSS (non vegan) Sam Ozkural

What I eat in a day ! THUMBS UP FOR MORE WHAT I EAT IN A DAYS! My social media! instagram: samozkural https://instagram.com/samozkural/?hl=en twitter: …


  1. i thought u will eat your ass…

  2. The food looks amazing! thank you for putting out a video with meat, I am so sick of all these meat hater food videos.

  3. Yarı Türk müsün kız 🙂

  4. Now days you have to search non vegan/non vegetarian cause EVERYONE is turning vegan

  5. killanimalabusers

    I bet all the vegans who are haters.have never actually gone out and helped animals.they just love the label vegan..

  6. every body needs to STOP SAYING " ugh omg these vegans are going crazy and forcing people into that lifestyle! " bitch wtf? there's 360 comments, 358 of these are people saying " vegans needs to stop this" and the other 2 are "you should check out what these products are doing to your body and peep at veganism! xx" like jesus christ seriously? nobody is jumping on her and telling her go vegan right now now now. what people are doing is saying to everyone vegans need to stop. THEY ARENT FORCING THE LIFESTYLE ON HER. can you stop already ??

  7. What is the hair supplement you take? I cant find the vid it is in.

  8. Meme Fanatic with Leafy sauce

    SHE PUT NON VEGAN IN THE TITLE FOR A FUCKING REASON. STOP BEING LITTLE SHITS AND TRYING TO FORCE HER TO BECOME ONE. Seriously she put it in the title so vegans would not click. I, myself am a peskatarian as it is the most healthiest out of all lifestyles (read the fuck up on it. Vegans don't get proper nutrients . I do not eat slaughtered meat but fuck all these comments are full of shit. Grow the fuck up and look up vegan food instead of shitting on her.

  9. Vegans make me cringe these days. If you don't like the video go and watch another vegan what I eat in a day. It's as simple as that.

  10. I wish people would make a realistic one.

  11. vegans …chill you guys should stop forcing your lifestyles on others;saying your a really good person BUT bla bla vegan vegan stuff she and a lot of other you tubers who did the same video ARE FREE to eat what they want , they can go on a vegan diet for a month and stop or do the opp heck they might have days with that alternating pattern…so just stop commenting that stuff..geez

  12. just because she put it in the title doesnt mean she is proud of it…she is informing people.. just saying

  13. jesus christ people… please learn about the ethics of veganism

  14. Thanks for making non vegan videos! It's really difficult to find healthy non vegan videos these days

  15. I love non Vegan videos finally that looks delicious btw

  16. cutelittlebunny2

    Ok vast majority of the vegans commenting are insane.
    Being vegan is a lifestyle… therefore it is a CHOICE. You yourself CHOSE to go vegan. so leave people alone who don't want to be. The same way you CHOSE to come watch the youtube video where it states in the title 'non vegan'!!!
    Also, one small point a lot of people forget is that most vegans were not born vegan… so they ate meat till they grew up and were old enough to make their own choices 🙂 so you can hardly hate on people who still eat meat when you too have eaten the same before.

  17. It literally says "non vegan" so why is there so many vegans? The hell

  18. Love these videos! Thank you for sharing. Great tips for meal.

  19. Y'all vegans so god damn irritating. She put "non-vegan" so that vegans won't watch this video and bitch, and also easy reference for non vegans since most of these type of videos are vegan. Let people eat what they want and leave them the fuck alone.

  20. FINALLY a non vegan one!!!

  21. Why isn't this vegan?

  22. This is like a cheat day for me and I'm overweight tf

  23. I am so glad that you are not vegan, so I can actually try this

  24. want to lose weight but all those meals don't appeal to me at all

  25. give me your body…

  26. All the vegan people bashing her are jealous that she's hot and is happy.hahahahaha!

  27. Montserrat Isabella

    coffee and cream for weight loss? interesting..

  28. 99% of people complaining about vegans attacking her
    1% actual vegans

  29. Great video, more for the crazy vegan cult to watch. Lusting after meat videos. lol Most people eat all types of food. Keep the videos coming.

  30. This video is amazing and just what I'm looking for. I wish more vegans would stfu and let people live their lives 🙂

  31. Charlotte Brigham

    i love meat and my bod is rockin

  32. Charlotte Brigham

    what is the book you use for your recipes? you mentioned it in a video but i can't remember which.

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  34. How do I get a flatter stomach in 3 weeks and I feel really insecure about my body any tips?

  35. Everyone needs to stop hating on her because she isn't vegan. Yes, being vegan is wonderful and I am in no way saying that animal cruelty is okay, but she is her own person and is free to make her own choices. Yes, the process that is involved in the making of animal products is devastating, but it is her life, not yours, and whether she chooses to educate herself in that subject and make that lifestyle adjustment or not is up to her. It is not up to you.

  36. mirna aboughazala

    how many calories do you have a day?

  37. those dead animals tho ._.

  38. Are you turkish?

  39. this is definitely not starvation! it works for her and she eats jelly and cream. am i the only one who thinks she eats so much? how many kcal are these? i would have gained 1 kilo a week if i ate so much. not trying to insult her or anybody

  40. Trade subscriptions?? 🙂

  41. Alanna Ruiz-Unger

    YUMMM! Really enjoyed this

  42. Bitch this is not healthy, stop promoting starvation diets

  43. Wait… how is there "sugar free" strawberry jelly? Strawberries literally have natural sugar. That just makes me hate the amount of chemicals and preservatives that go into "diet" food. Sugar is NOT something to be scared of, especially the sugar from natural sources like fruit.

  44. Just curious but why do you drink regular milk in coffee but almond milk in your cereal?

  45. my god… you're courageous…

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