WHAT I EAT IN A DAY / Vegetarian Style / 3 RECIPES plus my FAV sweet snack!

YUMMMM Hope you love these recipes Let me know if you want a VEGO part TWO day on the plate style video! RECIPE FOR EGG QUICHES 4 EGGS two egg …


  1. Brittany Dennis

    Love these videos! I miss Raw so much! Also love just daily vlogs 🙂


    So yummy

  3. Kate Churchill

    Mukbang video

  4. Kate Churchill

    Could you do a 24 hour challenge video? eg. 24 hours hand cuffed to Steve or Nat hahaha or Sammy or something check out Family Fizz VLOGS for inspiration … a challenge where you stay in the bathroom for a full or half day etc they are great and funny

  5. Yummm

  6. Lauren Katherine

    Hey Ashy, loved the video. Could you do some keto recipes please. Thank you

  7. Great food series: more vegan pretty please xx

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  9. Hi ashy, sorry for commenting about this but I was just wondering if you got my instagram message about me winning the journey hair care bottles? ❤️

  10. Your so lucky to have 2 drawers full of clean chocolate co, I wish i had drawers like that!! So much $$$

  11. Love you hair ashy! Can you do a vlog getting your hair coloured next time you get it done 🙂 xx

  12. It’s a shame you didn’t try the vegie delights products! I promise the nutmeat tastes sooooo much better than it smells! It does smell like pet food before it’s cooked though haha


  14. This woman is such a fraud – her recipes are stolen, she’s not a vegetarian or vegan but thinks she’s the bees knees, her businesses are scams, she raves about being healthy but covers everything in salt, she has no nutritional qualifications and she wastes perfectly good food. Incredibly boring to watch and is very quickly slipping in instagram followers.

  15. Nicole Fleming

    omg those roast veggies made me drool! they look so good!!

  16. You should check out Dr Rhonda (?) On the Joe Rogan podcast. She is a scientist who really analyses the micronutrients in food and has designed smoothies to streamline common nutrient deficiencies. It is REALLY interesting. Lady knows her jam.

    Have a byootiful time!

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