What I Eat In A Day: Vegetarian Quick & Easy Meals

Showing you some super easy vegetarian meals in today’s “what I eat in a day” video. Thanks for watching! —————————————————- – S O C I A L …


  1. Lifestyle with Arlin

    Really enjoyed this realistic what i eat in a day that isn’t like a bunch of prep and wild recipes!! Great video & your editing is a dream, like always.

  2. Alexandra Pounds

    In need of a coffee video!

  3. If your not trying to use protein would I substitute it with something else or simply leave it out?

  4. Have you tried cucumber + lemon in the water, it is so delicious. How do you clean your stove top. Mine never seems to get that clean.


  6. your videos are A1

  7. Virginia Llopis Hernández

    Just wondering, why do you take so much protein??

  8. Plant Based Princess

    Going to have me an acai bowl when I get home! They are my favorite at the moment!

  9. Plant Based Princess

    These are my fav! Editing on point!

  10. Andressa Oliveira

    Omg you just reminded how much I used to love BARK THINS when I lived in the States!

  11. Angelica’s Recovery

    I want to try to be vegetarian!

  12. You eat lot of eggs girl!!

  13. Kay-Lyne Wolfenden

    I love your videos! Soo calming

  14. Would love a tutorial on your Iced coffee please ❤

  15. Yes please iced coffee recipe!!

  16. sosososososo love your video

  17. Yay! I loved that you uploaded a "What I Eat In A Day" video. They're so helpful. I also loved how realistic it was…you included healthy choices & a treat you really enjoy…chocolate! 🙂

  18. When you put the calories and protein etc. you can barely see it.

  19. Great tips!

  20. I always have trouble in taking protein in the morning, definitely going to try this out!

  21. i have noticed you have a lot of candles you should totally do a candle collection video

  22. I love how you organize your food and make it look nice

  23. Is there any reason why you dont add no egg yolks at all
    Edit: i mean on your scrambled eggs

  24. Loved this video and LOVE your realness in showing your after-dinner treats!
    Many 'what I eat in a day' vids show literally three meals. Like, how you not showing us dessert?? Lol.
    Love from London ❤️

  25. Missed these

  26. great video

  27. fashionably late

    Your videos are so calming! Idk if it's your voice, your aesthetic, how organized your life is, or a combination of all three, but love your videos!!

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