WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! – Vegetarian + Healthy

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  1. Power In Knowledge

    Tbh id rather eat dog shit if you put it on top of some steak

  2. R u cooking those beans tho. You can get really sick from that

  3. She needs meat.

  4. I just came to fap and leave

  5. strawberry cuteie

    what's the music

  6. What the hell? She put healthy and vegetarian in the thumbnail even though it's the exact same fucking thing.

  7. almost vegan!! just swap protein powder for a vegan one

  8. futebolcapixabatv

    0:01 buuuuurp

  9. Lavar Ball's Teeth

    Are uhhhhhhh, are your boobs real?

  10. wow that lunch bowl salad look soooo good! and its vegan <3

  11. i would fuck the living shit outo of u

  12. We're your eyes always blue?

  13. Eugenia Mikulan

    I love your videos. please teach us how to mantain red hair!

  14. Are you wanting people to stare at your food, or your tits; I can't quite figure it.

  15. Why isn't she posting that much


  17. Kristen Almonte Younique Presenter

    Take the new camera to the geek squad, they may know how to work it! LoL

  18. nd girl u barely ate anything u only had like 1 meal and a half

  19. why does she put makeup on before she brushes her teeth?

  20. @0:58 what are those glass things called tht she has covering her night stand. i need one

  21. I thought you were vegan

  22. what camera did you buy? 🙂

  23. Yadira Ruiz Lozano

    what's the intro song ?

  24. pretty good, and very realistic! ..thanks for sharing <3 good girl 😛

  25. I only watch cause you fine af

  26. Also I loved this video so much !

  27. I want to see what I eat in a day unhealthy

  28. Good God you are beautiful. Holy

  29. Valentina Wolfe

    What type of camera are you using???

  30. Does the into remind anyone else of Meredith Fosters Roast myself

  31. I probably wouldn't like to drink water either if it was arrowhead

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