what I eat in a day vegan sick day comfort food

what I eat in a day, a realistic sick day. How I try to tackle my cold and vegan comfort food recipes! Vegan soup and noodles and hearty delicious gnocchi!


  1. This video was not planned lol I just got ended up getting sick and I want to keep this channel as real as possible. So here is a day with me doing self care and looking after myself while i'm unwell. I cut out most of the coughing and nose blowing – didn't want to pass the cold through the web. Hope you guys enjoy the recipes and hanging with me. Fortunately, since going vegan my immune system has been better than ever and I don't really get colds, but this time the cold won lol! xxx

  2. Love how real you are. So dope.

  3. That moment when you’re sick and you’re period comes the next day.
    Yeah, it happen to me lol.

  4. Very classy, and well put together considering your ill at the moment thanks for sharing.

  5. i love youuuuuu youre so fun to watch

  6. Great video!

  7. I absolutely love your personality

  8. Don’t-hate- Appreciate

    I walked in the rain and was at school wet all day until 5 the next day I had a cold

  9. What a trooper! Those recipes looked delicious! Also….a third of a teaspoon of Wasabi is good to clear your sinuses. Just have a box of Kleenex at the ready lol
    Great video!

  10. just made this gnocchi for the first time and it was amazing!!

  11. 3:16 when I tell my mom I'm going to school even if I'm sick

  12. Oh need iron also I do get cold fast thanks tho .. "sent it packing" rotfffffffff #cutetho #skinnnnnnnnnnn

  13. Nahhhhhhhhhhh shady bitch

  14. Omg what liquid iron do you use? I’ve been looking for ages ! X

  15. I am new to your channel. I am all in! I love to cook. I'm transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. I've been pescatarian, but for the most part vegetarian for 2 years or more. Your dishes look amazing and achievable. I can't wait to invest in your cookbook. Give thanks! Love Love Love

  16. You are the reason that I went Vegan! I am coming to London in Sept. of 2020 for a wedding. Are there any vegan restaurants that you recommend?

  17. This has happened to me too girl.

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