WHAT I EAT IN A DAY // Vegan Keto Experiment! High Fat Tasty Meals

OMG THE SALTED CARAMEL ONE.. I CAN’T OPEN FOR IMPORTANT INFO: This is an experiment day, as I said twice in the video but maybe not clearly …


  1. Prefer to watch men's what I eat in a day cuz women would do that quarter of a tablespoon and its like

  2. athena energy Shine

    Love the recipes


    So damn healthy.. thx

  4. I love how you don't glamour your meals to much ✔️ subscription from me

  5. I feel like this diet would be so expensive but

  6. The biggest way to get more people not eating animals, is to stop promoting RIDICULOUS over eating and this SILLY calorie theory.

  7. You prepare these meals like its a joke this experiment, why? Its like your addictions already have your mind made up on low carb diet.

  8. You are a walking medical dictionary? LOL thats nothing to be proud of. Indoctrination from the medical industry does not make you or Amanda experts at all.

    Keto vegan is NOT a EXTREME experiment.

  9. You tell others to be open minded YET you arent. LOL Carb/Rice/Starch/sugar addicts will always down keto.

  10. What about Coconut?? We could live keto vegan style for a lifetime just from coconut

  11. You still doing Vegan Keto? High Fat Vegan for the win

  12. How many carbs are in in the tahini califlower steaks ?

  13. Shauna Carpenter

    Love the nirvana!

  14. Stephanie Boehlert

    I can't wait to try this meal plan. 3000 calories is way too much for me though, do you recommend halving the recipe or do you have the macros/ recipes posted anywhere?

  15. This is not curry, smhhh y'all call anything that has lil tumeric and a whole ton of coconut milk in it curry like noooo dude. This ain't it. It looks tasty but this ain't curry tho

  16. Miles, you're secretly 19. Don't lie. Secrets out.

  17. Have you ever made this with peanuts instead of peanut butter? Does it taste the same?

  18. looks so so good.

  19. Chelsea Kolstedt

    I could listen to you say creamy all day 🙂

  20. OH YUMM

  21. “The flavors ‘meld’ together.”

  22. I don’t usually agree with the Vegan diet but your videos are great and not extreme like some videos on here! You eat a varied and healthy diet…keep up the good work!

  23. I like meat hate me

    Yes i disliked my own comment

  24. Thank you so much for the inspiration! That milkshake at the beginning sounded amazing!

  25. “You thought” just a little tsp lol

  26. What was your macro?

  27. Some chopped garlic would have been great in the tahini cauliflower steaks.

  28. Wow! That salad is LIFE!

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