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  1. BecomingProactive

    Did the chlorophyll ever help Derek's B.O.?

  2. intro song is As long as i have got you from Lovisa Birgersson… have a beautiful day ;D

  3. Yanina Pinoargote

    very cool

  4. what's the name of the song at the beginning of video?

  5. Amazing what you have accomplished by eating healthy……while I don't have an issue with my weight, I find that eating a healthy diet helps in a big way with any health issues we may be having…. it was for that reason I changed to a healthy diet, and it has helped a lot.

  6. Idk if you want to wear those keens for such a long hike, a boot with ankle support would be better.

  7. I lovin' intro music . . What song is it??

  8. Who sings this song? Shazam and Siri have never heard it. :O

  9. Who sings the song in the intro of your video!? I love it!!

  10. You can do it! You will LOVE backpacking. There is nothing like it for getting back to nature and down to basics.

  11. I love keens for hiking, I were them all the time. You will do great. Can't wait to hear about your adventure!!!

  12. HI if any small youtubers want to support each other / be friends let me know!!! sub and i will sub back 🙂

  13. Hannah, your little family brings me so much joy!! I will never tire of seeing your cats go on walks with you hehe far too sweet! Thank you for being so inspiring and genuine! ✨

  14. Love you surroundings, so peaceful, I can't believe you and Derek did all at!!

  15. I cant wait to hear about your mesquite bread

  16. Please do a video on what you pack for such a hike! Also what about the food or drinks druing that time?

  17. which song is it…???

  18. Hannah – what was the name of your walking shoes? I also wanted to say I appreciate you showing what you eat in a day. You and Derek have an amazing lifestyle. Just going out the door for a walk on your own property – so great! I loved seeing the animals out walking with you. The cat was really cute running. I'm so amazed that at your age the two of you knew what you wanted, and you have it – so inspiring!

  19. what happened to the all black kitty? 🙁

  20. Hey Hannah, I tried going vegan for 3 weeks I LOVED it. However, my blood pressure dropped by a lot to a point where my vision fades out whenever I stand up and I get nauseous/headaches during exercise. I took a blood test and there was nothing wrong with the iron concentration and blood count. The doctor simply told me to eat some meat and y'know, an overall balanced diet. My question is, is there a way to safely increase or maintain a healthy blood pressure while being vegan? <3

  21. I really love your glasses were did you get the from 🙂

  22. You should walk with heavy packs to get used to it

  23. You look so tired. Please, take care. xo

  24. What did you eat or plan to eat on the trail?

  25. Have a safe hike Hannah! By the way, you are my favorite vegan youtuber the way you whip up your delicious looking meals! Just be very careful you guys on your trip you Guys! We all love you and wish you a safe return!

  26. I just became extremely busy. I mean – I was already busy… NOW I AM SUPER BUSY. I have become a caretaker for my sick parent. I have no time to eat. I feel so tired. I don't want to cook. I want to eat vegan and HEALTHY. I need help. I just grab anything and eat it because I am starved and I do not want bananas all day! Please help me!!!! I have been working, caring for a parent, I come home and drop! I am so tired.

  27. escaping2reality

    Go to Local Juicery in Sedona after your hike! It is a little pricey…..but so tasty and amazing!

  28. Caras Life on the Farm

    Great garden

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