What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight – (Vegetarian) LOSING THE HOLIDAY LBS!

Teami 30 Day Detox (use code ANNIEB for 15% off!- https://www.teamiblends.com/index.asp You guys have been requesting a “What I eat in a day video” so …


  1. The Blyss Catalyst

    Can you share the coaching program you’re training under? I’m looking for a good one and I trust your judgement! Thanks

  2. Cranberries are a actually a very healthy option. The vitamin C in them help you absorb the iron in the veggie patty 🙂

  3. Please post video how you lost weight and thank you for this video 🙂

  4. Pumpkins, kohlrabi,lentils, peas, eggplant, colacassia, radish,moringa fruit, broccoli, …. and spinach…

    All these are ridicullusly high in vitamin A or C(pumpkin sweet potato cabbage broccoli) , i just saute them in nonstick pan or steam followed by saute, then add my spices to creat3 low fat low carb curries, these i eat with triple drain boiled basmati rice and triple drain boiled sweet potatoes..

    I d9nt eat any animal pr9duct except milk, milk i have very less, like if no choice ten i have it but i dont actively consume it,

    I also take vitamin B complex, C and D and A….

    Ive lost so much weight, and i have saved so much money by my diet… i totally avoid sugar and fat… i use stevia and lowfat mayonnaisse when i absolutely have to use it ……

  5. Thanks for the recommendation on the veggie burgers. Those are so yummy!

  6. You should go vegan.

  7. your my favorite you tuber

  8. Am I the only one that doesn’t like avocado

  9. Her food looks SO good I wish she could make me all that and I would definitely eat and drink EVERYTHING

  10. The Beyond Meat looks so yummy! Just wondering what you cooked it in that was in the skillet? Thanks:)

  11. Get Fit With Neha

    Yummy Recipes

  12. Check out “isa does it” best fast vegan recipe book. Super yummy recipes and quick! I have a bunch of go to recipes from there

  13. love this!!!! lots of yummy foods. where is your onsie from? so cute

  14. Where did you get your couch?!?

  15. I've just started doing the celery juice every morning. Can you pls do a video about it and what are the benefits have you Felt??

  16. AnnMarie Shubert

    I’m gunna try the celery juice. I have a lot of issues with digestion and am always looking for natural ways to help body functions

  17. YUM! All of these yummy foods look SO good! I am so happy our detox blends have been a good addition to your routine! What a good start for you this new year! It's so nice to hear you'll be using it again too! It's never a bad time to give your digestive system a little boost, and to clean out your system! Thanks for the love girl, you are so amazing and super informative! 🙂

  18. Your meals look delicious!

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