What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight (Vegan)

What i eat in a day to lose weight (vegan recipes for weight loss). Healthy weight loss recipes. How to lose weight and lose fat fast for women, men and …


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  2. The chia overnight oats look amazing!

  3. Great video, all of this food looks so delicious!

  4. Please help! I lost weight in autumn but now I've put it all back on and feel so bad about myself but now I just can't get motivated! Any tips? Love you lots xxx

  5. hey hey thanks for inspiration!! loving your videos ☺

  6. im addicted to your channel omg

  7. Do you think you would go vegan, I'm still trying to get there just got to shrug off milk as I love it in Tea but not keen on almond nut coconut milks ect..as it changes the taste.

  8. Techno Games World

    good video

  9. Those little jars look so yummy

  10. just found ur channel by searching "a" posted in the last hour. i'm so weird. it's three in the morning. however your channel seems cool! going to watch a few of your videos 🙂 (ALSO ALL THE FOOD IN THIS LOOKS SUPER GOOD)

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  12. I'd avoid the uncle ben's precooked rise if you're looking to loose weight as they tend to add oil to them :(. Rice is so easy to make if your at home if you've got the time ;)

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