What I Eat In A Day – Soft Food For Toothache | Indian Vegetarian Food

This is another What eat in a day video but its one where I had a massive toothache. Wisdom tooth pain can be excruciating at times and that is honestly what is …


  1. Very useful receipe!Hope you get well soon!

  2. She is best food channel here and better than those useless boring everyday street food bloggers

  3. Wow di you are awesome

  4. Don't make these type of videos please

  5. HiTeSh ThaKkaR

    Frstly tc madam. Nyc 2 c this twice. Well made d video. Hppinez cums wen i watch ur Home video. Small Utensils make me more delighted. Also luv 2 c wen u go at places n restaurants bt wen ur kitchen turns into a small restaurant it der4 ends in a more grateful.

  6. Vaibhav Kamble

    Please check one bite of the lauki vegetable…before preparing it…if it taste bitter….throw it away…it may be poisonous & life threatening..according to recent incidents of poisoning becoz of it's consumption….Take care…!!!

  7. shreyas srinivasan

    Visit a dentist asap

  8. nice one dii

  9. Kanupriya Jaireth

    Get well soon dear Shweta. I like all your videos and would love to see a detailed tutorial on the soup. Also apply some clove oil & keep some clove in your mouth. You can as n get the wisdom tooth removed if it's bothering you so much. Take care

  10. ramesh ganesan

    U Should Protect Your Teeth At Any Cost. Please Insure All Ur Teeths. Hope All 32 Still Exist.

  11. Silomroad HollandAsianVibe

    Very nice
    Enjoy your Sunday

  12. What is Rawa don't understand

  13. Mohan Chaudhari

    Khichadi me musterd seeds main ingredient he for good taste

  14. Sangeetha Joshi

    Hi ,Shweta .V.Helpful video ,n I too go through such tooth pain often .Wouldn't know what to eat n not …Thanks for sharing .Hope ,u get well soon ..Looking forward to more such videos !!

  15. Tell me the soup recipes looks healthy

  16. Hi…. I am Lavanya….This video is very informative…. Please can u share me the recipe of the soup

  17. Mangesh Sharma

    Luv u shweta mam really a nice video

  18. soup recipe . please

  19. Nice video. Awesome and healthy food to try even without a toothache. Please provide detailed recipe for the soup. Thanks.

  20. Your eating habits are quite good and healthy like you ma'am 🙂 Thumbs up for this video.

  21. That soup spoon is so cool!

  22. avinash thakor

    I love khichdi

  23. Soup recipe

  24. Manali Madhwani


  25. Wow very nice the soup.and kichidi is too good we expect some more meal videos like this thanks

  26. Nice

  27. undefeatedadii

    Its 10 in the morning and now this upma has made me hungry…m gonna make upma right now….its amazing video ..and which ghee u use? A2 ghee or ghee made frm a1 milk?

  28. Informative video . Thank you happy Sunday

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