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  1. Hey Hannah your supervv Dear..your videos are healthful for ever..love you dear

  2. I love all your video,s your style, your journey. Thank you for sharing and keep it going! ❤️

  3. Happy Hoildays

  4. You look great and I can’t wait to try these recipes ❤️❤️❤️

  5. You should add some chickpeas to your smoothies instead of powder

  6. I didn't check your YouTube channel for long time,you look beautiful Hannah. You.look.beautiful.

  7. So do you think with meals like this you are supplementing your workouts properly? I prefer eating this way… but I’m starting to weight train and I remember you added more vegan protein to your diet so you could see more definition.

  8. Why is your ceiling so damn low?

  9. Do a panties and feet vid 🙂

  10. Yay I bought my book Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Looking gorgeous Hannah

  12. How many cups of quinoa for 1 min in the instant pot? Thanks

  13. I want her to cook for me lol

  14. joe rogan eats bugs

    i just wonder if 4 cups of raw spinach everyday is ok with the oxalates. gets a little confusing.

  15. Christine'sTruthScoops

    Do you ever use salt??? Just curious

  16. Your husband eating with his helmet on made my day!

  17. This is a LOOOOK!

  18. Clicking the notifications bell so that you can give me a ring right away #lovevegan #veganvibes
    P.S you are beauty full !

  19. Hi Hanna, Do your recepie books are gluten free? Thank you!

  20. Are you still weightlifting or doing yoga?

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