What I Eat In A Day LOW CARB | easy vegan recipes & TRAINING

What I Eat In A Day and come training with me! Working on some weight loss so less carbs than usual! Hope you guys enjoy! Music – CR Blacks – Potential: http://hyperurl.co/ynbavz https://sound…


  1. Girl if you ever wanna burn some calories on a dance floor lemme know!

  2. Taste Test….Please 🙂

  3. Do kelp noodles have a seafood taste?

  4. Jacqueline O'Bryan

    Taste test for the boys return

  5. Please, could someone tell me what was the gorgeous song in the beginning?

  6. Where do you find a personal trainer/boxer like that?

  7. Wow! Cant believe I haven't seen your videos before! 1 minute in and im already subscribed. Love your style xx

  8. I really want to know where you got your breakfast bowl from, it's so pretty

  9. Annette Steenson

    Mmmmm the lasagne looks so tasty. I’d like to see all the challenges! They sound great . First one. Veganise their favourite meal plzzzzzzz

  10. Hi Rachel, please where did you get your kelp noodles from?

  11. Oh I just LOVE this! Thanks for the good vibes! Would love to support each other! Keep up the good work!

  12. QUINOA OATMEAL??? YAAAAAS!!! How have I not tried this Rachel?????

  13. you rock sista!!

  14. the dancing at the beginning made me happy <3

  15. Veganize their favorite meals!

  16. Have the guys do both. I like both ideas. Two separate videos please!

  17. Love this video, whats the song in 7,12?

  18. Thank you for the recipe rachel hope i can make that delish lasagne. I dont have any oven. Maybe soon when i get a chance

  19. Why low carb? I find your menu interesting, I'm to try most of them out! I am gluten intolerant some may not be ideal, thanks

  20. Hands down, 'best vegan recipe channel on the block

  21. Subscribe just for the opening dance session lol

  22. Does the skin on the eggplant not taste bitter?

  23. Amanda Marie Mullins

    Taste test!

  24. I want to see them do both.

  25. What lens do you use? X

  26. At what temperature has the oven to be for the lasagna? 🙂

  27. And that lasagne looked so good

  28. Ur so fucking prettyyyyhhyyy

  29. Libby E. Greenleaf

    TASTE TEST!!!!!

  30. I legit could listen to you talk about paint drying , your videos are such a good vibe ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Challenge please!!

  32. Hello, new subscriber here and a vegan. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Great recipes…I would like to see a challenge with your friends!! Two week update on your fitness challenge. Love your spirit!! ❤️

  34. Challenge!!!!!

  35. Alignment Six Trading
  36. I'm literally going through the same thing -tryna shed a few pounds so I was looking for ways to do less carbs in my meals so thank you for this video. You are a beautttt

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