What I eat in a day I Diet Plan I Indian Healthy/Vegan/Weight loss/Plant based II Reallife Realhome

In Todays video I will be showing you what I eat in a day. I eat mostly homemade food. I have shown the recipes as well. The recipes are mostly healthy, vegan …


  1. nice voice real life real home

  2. Arundhati Banerjee

    Nice video Anu. Good that you are taking time out from home and kids to look after yourself as well. Take care.

  3. Everything is awesome
    But whats with the accent ?

  4. Hi di
    Kaise h ap ?
    Love ❤️ 2 watch ur videos

  5. Super se bhi upar….apka har video dekhte hai….par comment nahi kar paate….saare videos achi soch develop karte hain….thank u mam

  6. Very nice

  7. Hi. I am a lawyer in Toronto, Canada and I just recently got married. I have always been so busy with work that I barely had time for domestic work but lately I started searching up youtubers to help me learn to cook. This is when I discovered your channel. I must say you make cooking look fun and easy. I appreciate your effort and wanted to thank you for encouraging me to learn what I find the most difficult to do (cooking) at the age of 27! ☺️

  8. So nice video….it's really very important to me….because I am gaining my weight..I "ll do like this

  9. wow super mam…. plz make many diet recipe video….. thank you so much…

  10. Nice video…are these store bought shreded carrots??if not give us some chopping tricks aswell…do some chutney recipes of ur style nd hubby lnchbox ideas atleast 7-8

  11. What are the sheets you are using to keep bowls on the counter top?

  12. subhashree panigrahi

    Hi Anu …lots of love from India…can u share few recipes for pregnant ladies(like me)….especially for my spicy cravings..love u..

  13. So nice <3

  14. Madam no reply from urside

  15. ohh thanx priya patel

  16. loved the smoothy recipe….thanks for sharing the amazing recipes…

  17. Wow..waiting for ur video.. I can share from where u bought the pan in which u made daal.. 🙂

  18. Mam,aap hamari questions ka bahut kam reply dete ho.we r expecting reply from you. please reply us.

  19. Loved d dal recepi….n smoothy…..


  20. What is panchaforam masala?

  21. Sissy it is really inspiring while watching yur videos .. thank yu for tis.. I do have one request can yu put a video of men's diet plan and some healthy recipes for them and what are all should be added in their diet etc.. thank yu sis..

  22. Anu…… looking slim

  23. Very interesting videos…after seeing ur videos I like to eat more vegetables….Thanks to u mam

  24. vaijayanti jayathirtha

    Hii Anuji, nice vedio. Thank you for couscous recipe. I felt your dinner is bit too heavy. The couscous recipe would've been better choice for dinner.

  25. I can't afford to miss ur any video!!! I have benefitted from all ur smart tips

  26. Again, freshly motivated and looking forward to my time in the kitchen today! aur video dek kar lagata hai ki main apane bachapan ke ghar mein phir se hoon! Thank You 🙂

  27. Didi haii….. Our Onam finished… Back to daily chores…. How u doing… Are u fine??? Irma difficulties???

  28. Hi nice video. What is that couscous???.. is it dalia. Or can v substitute it with dalia.

  29. everything looks so delicious!

  30. can you please suggest some easy and quick break fast recipes so that it can help me bcz I have very busy schedule so that have to leave house at 7am morning.plz do help

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