What I Eat In A Day (how i got my abs) | RENEE AMBERG

Realistic FULL DAY OF EATING | How I Got & Maintained My Abs | WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Thank you for watching xx Vega One Protein Powder: …


  1. u should try being vegan, NOT the ''I try being vegan for 7 days'' im actually vegan and I LOVE IT!

  2. How refreshing. I just watched two videos of the triple chinned lard asses going on about what they eat in a day and trying to say that's all they eat. Meanwhile, the calorie density of their nutritionally depleted food is criminal.
    Your video shows what you eat and the quality of the food is awesome.

  3. Most depressing food ever.

  4. Can you tell us how you made your coffee and what you used ? Also if it tastes different !!!

  5. I have abs but their just protected by layers of fat.

  6. Just a question I used to have coco pops for breakfast but now I have peanut butter on toast and a banana is that better

  7. I don't believe these so-called "organic'" cereals are any healthier than regular cereals. They have the same amount of sugar and salt.

  8. OK if you got money to waste

  9. instructions unclear. shoved honey nut cereal up ass.

  10. you ate so much throughout the day

  11. Hey, I have an eating disorder and I’ve watched a couple of your videos. And they are super encouraging, thank you

  12. I already eat really healthy, but my abs won’t show someone help

  13. Food poop! Those are great Pooping foods. Good choices! I cant think about people eating food, without thinking about them getting rid of it! Such a weird thing we have to do! Spend all that time and energy to poop!

  14. I went through everything she consumed, and was skeptical she was getting all the nutrients she needs,
    but I gotta say, you can see she's put a lot of thought into this regimen, and it's pretty comprehensive!
    If I was gonna be picky though, I'd say she's about 1,500 mg low in potassium, too low in saturated fat, not enough medium chain triglycerides, a little low in zinc and low in collagen peptides Type 1 & 3. She's obviously breathtakingly beautiful and fit, so clearly doing most things right. Still, one can always make improvements in diet. I'd throw in a couple eggs – would help out with choline too. On a side note, it's awesome food, but not cheap! You're probably bumping up against $20/day on a diet like this. Hey, God bless if she can afford it.

  15. Hi Renee I have question! I'm from India and the middle class lifestyle here revolves around eating fresh produce. No one willingly stores any fruits or vegetables in the refrigerator. It is always tabooed. What are your thoughts?

  16. So honest,, i love her. <3 subbed!

  17. Just shocked. how much plastic nowadays we use. It is scary.

    Though video is very good.

  18. I have the same salad dressing!!!!

  19. I've just found your channel and watched a few. Do you watch calories/macros?

  20. This is a meal plan to be stick skinny, in 2019 nobody wants to look like a stick anymore, we want booty AND abs.

  21. Cole sprouse Is pretty cool

    I am the fussiest person to ever live

  22. i love this because it’s not dramatically and unrealistically healthy! just simple yummy healthy meals. and i love that you had dessert at the end! you’re amazing ❤️

  23. Yes. Def fun and inspiring to watching these videos. Thank you!!

  24. So much sugar..

  25. That cereal looks so damn good….

  26. Solo Travels with Dina

    Would swap the ice cream with sauced red pasta or brown rice….guess they are healthier and carbs are imp. In our diets teens@!!!

  27. Thank You so much

  28. Love your breakfast….
    Includes sugar..sugar…sugar..sugar..sugar..
    Liquid phytic acid (almond milk)
    Seeds that humans cant digest…hint..check your poop.
    And finally some processed "organic" Oats which will irritate the microvilli of your small bowel.

    I see you're very young.. I hope u stop this diet soon. It's not too late.

  29. I really like those „recepies“ you made but I just realized how much plastic you used, like every single ingredient is plasticwrapped so maybe you could buy more of your ingredients without plastic, I‘m sure there are some shops near to you who sell things wothout plastic.
    I also think there are many videos on Buzzfeed about where you can find these thing.

  30. great video….but why is everything in the U.S packed in plastic );

  31. omggg this is legit what i eat in a day !!

  32. Sis really coming at me with a spinach and chocolate protein shake wow

  33. What a pretty cup. Which company is the cup from?

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