WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Healthy & Vegetarian!

Check out my newest video here: http://vid.io/xcaD ** I had a FULL SECOND plate of my dinner, but didn’t see it necessary to film! I also had a snack 2 hours …


  1. your not supposed to drink with your meal….look it up

  2. Seems like a lot of food

  3. you animal hater, why are you eating yogurt, eggs, creamer and cheese the dairy industry is worse than actually killing a innocent animal

  4. are you a lacto ovo vegetarian because lacto vegetarians don't eat eggs

  5. Omg your dinner is making me sad

  6. Dried fruit is not actually healthier for you. They contain mostly the same nutritional benefits as regular fruit but you lose some of the vitamins that you would be getting in regular fruit. I do agree with you on one thing though, dried apples are delicious!

  7. Jonathan Pickering

    that coffee mate has some pretty rank ingredients (it's actually flammable! some use it to start their campfires), I would switch to straight up Half & Half just straight milk and cream. But that's just me. Still enjoyed the video & Subbed!  🙂

  8. I'm a vegaterian but even though vegetarians eat fish.. I don't. and I got some yogurt out of the fridge thinking my mom would've checked to make sure it had no geletin (gelatin is made of fish and meat scraps) and I ate a good bit of the yogurt too then I check the back and see gelatin in the ingredents… I cried for at least 30 minutes

  9. The creamer isn't vegetarian

  10. how vegan and you had eggs

  11. I think you can be a rapper

  12. lovinnnnnn your video lindsay! just started my own channel, and you are such good inspo. thankssss

  13. HAHAHA those skillet pans with low sides give me anxiety I am such an aggressive cook the food would be flying

  14. Do you get enough calories and protein? I eat way more than this and when I've tracked what I eat, I always come up short with calories and protein. And I'm only 5'1" and 100lbs.

  15. i thought vegeterians dont eat dairy

  16. I love how I feel eating this way! I have videos on my channel of easy vegetarian meals, so feel free to check them out 🙂

  17. Uhhhh isn't egg still meat

  18. your food looks so good! I LOVE BEING A VEGETARIAN!

  19. lately I'm having trouble keeping certain foods down about 2 weeks ago I got sick puked (i never puke like ever!) I lost around ten pounds in three days I thought I was getting better but certain sweets or meat make me sick like my stomach is rejecting it. so I'm trying to cut down on meat

  20. Impact Training on the internet next month.

  21. you're so gorgeous

  22. DanielleBeeEnvironment+

    Love this video!

  23. No lie but that Dinner looks hella sad

  24. Love this video great ideas!

  25. i need help: im a young kid (whose mind is older) and i really want to live a healthy, vegetarian life, but my family does not eat healthy as i wish. they don't purchase as healthy foods, and i can't earn money to buy my own groceries, so what should i do?

  26. this is enough for one meal! not enough food darling.

  27. Why didn't you eat much grains??

  28. yay for being vgetarian! I have been vegetarian for about a year now and its great. If you want to learn more  have a video on my channel! 🙂

  29. girl great video but you eat so little…

  30. i loved the video and everything, since it's a vegetarian edition! but what i was really disappointed about, was the lack of carbs! I feel as a vegetarian, that carbs are very important to maintain a high level of energy through out the day! and i was also surprised by the portion sizes! like, this dinner is really not enough! you need to have carbs or something, or maybe just leave it as it is, simply vegetables, but at least improve the portion size, since it's only plant based foods! i'm not criticizing any of your work! i love what you did with the video, but i'm just tying to help! hope you agree with me and good luck!

  31. i though vegetarian people don't eat egg, do im wrong???

  32. @lindsay Marie sorry but you know that egg is not vegetarian

  33. I make this rlly good "Chinese" dish it has cabbage ,onions, Bok Choy, soy sauce, and I also put eggs in it it is soooo good

  34. You really should add more protein to your meals. There are plant based protein powders you can add to smoothies etc but this was not near enough protein

  35. that dinner was so tiny, wtf??

  36. normal vegeterians can eat chese and eggs but other types of vegeterians dont eat things that come from animals

  37. How come that you are a vegitarian when you eat eggs and cheese????????????????

  38. can I come live with you! I love all this

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  40. Picking up those dried apples !! Definitely think they'd help when I want chips or something crunchy. (P.s Totally stealing the wellness Wednesday idea for my channel. It's the perfect name for the health and fitness series I've been wanting to launch)

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