What I Eat In A Day – Healthy Indian Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plan | Skinny Recipes

In today’s video I am sharing a what i eat in a day, full day of eating. Nothing special, just everyday home cooked Indian food full day meal plan. I hope this gives …


  1. Kindly tell all about atopic dermatitis
    Ur videos r very helpful

  2. The process of chopping green chillies is very unique

  3. What is Pottu kadala….Pls do mention all this in english

  4. Superb video. Missed your voice. But very helpful video

  5. Amazed dieting can be so enjoyable with these lip smacking recipes thanks a lot

  6. Where is the protein !

  7. What is that oil cloth?
    How to prepare that cloth?

  8. Geeta's Glorious Garden and Pets

    In the picture it looks like kabuli chana or chickpeas

  9. Geeta's Glorious Garden and Pets

    pottu kadala is kabulichana soaked?

  10. Hello nisha madam yesterday I prepared high protein parotta my children loved and i am happy to give my children healthy food thanks to you god bless you and ur family thank you so much

  11. when u have early dinner. like also hv my dinner by 6.30pm but by 10pm, I again start to feel hungry. what can I do to my craving to eat after my dinner???

  12. Thank you Nisa I would like to know how you make your different chutneys.

  13. Ma'am, i watched both your videos on Garcinia Cambogia (Kodampuli) and surfed in amazon for the dried fruit and the extract. I came across the Keralite brand named Looms & Weaves which sells both the dried smoky fruit as well as the extract. What should i buy for weight loss regime? Either the dried smoky fruit or the extract. Kindly suggest me the same and also let me know the brand you prefer. My mom has been the admirer of all your works and she only suggested me to ask your advice on this.

    Awaiting reply 🙂

  14. Namrata Deshmukh

    Much awaited video ❤

  15. Hi dear .its a v nice sharing .
    Suport back to my channel ..i did all my best to ur channel ..

  16. Can you add like meal
    Plan for ppl who work on shift basis like 12pm to 9pm.. and give some healthy food tips.. and lunch box ideas for wrking ppl on shift… I’m a person who doesn’t eat rice at all.. much appreciated if you can do an video soon..

  17. Nice useful

  18. Would love to hear your voice too.

  19. Kishore Bakkiyam

    Please more in Indian recipes

  20. Dipika Chaudhary

    U didnt use spoon in your video…no show off….more respect..thank u so much mam for sharing your routine

  21. Akka without ur voice it is full empty ,we look forward to hear u please don't make such vedio henceforth ,we need the recipe along with ur sweet voice, thank you Usha here

  22. And gastric too

  23. Plz advice sm tiffin box . I m a patient of hypothyroid

  24. the yogi guys says not to eat onion and garlic any views on that other than that I see a healthy mix of raw and cooked food love your content

  25. I don't like the smell of coconut oil and I want to ask that can I use groundnut oil if I v hypothyroid

  26. I can use red rice instead of brown rice?
    Which is better brown rice or red rice for weight loss please reply me

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