What I Eat In A Day Healthy + Easy Vegan Recipes

What I eat in a day healthy & easy vegan recipes / meal ideas that are quick, cheap and filling! Healthy, DIY and affordable vegan / vegetarian food recipes and …


  1. I have CFS's sibling Fibromyalgia, which equally stinks. I was diagnosed just about 3 years ago. I'm not going to say it gets better, because frankly it doesnt. It does get easier though. Try not to beat yourself up for the lazy days. Great videos! I'm hitting that subscribe. :)

  2. I have chronic fatigue too. vegan is excellent for this condition. when I first got sick I still ate dairy products after stopping I was a lot better. I still have it though

  3. love you.iam recovering from.anorexia,what do you think about hclf?i would love to be,but i have fear of not having enough protein and acalcium that soud my body absorbed…

  4. I have chronic fatigue syndrome I was diagnosed at 12 and I'm now 26. I always refer to it as M.E and people seem to not question me when I say that 🙂 xo

  5. where did you get the chocolate spread? x

  6. Yess vegan for the win

  7. Hey Hattie! cool channel! 🙂 subscribed!

  8. Love it! Just found your channel and subscribed 🙂 I'm just starting out on youtube and I would love it if you checked out my channel and have any pointers. I make videos on veganism, beauty, diys, and more <3

  9. Nichola Whitehead (Nic's Nutrition)

    Such a cute video xx

  10. subbed! love your content :)

  11. your so lovely and sweet :)

  12. thanks hattie. good luck with your cfs

  13. Alexa W (thebeautyblogx1)

    I love posting my vegan recipes! Its so easy to ad lib recipes when you're vegan!

  14. I have CFS too! definitely understand how you feel x

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