WHAT I EAT IN A DAY TO LOSE WEIGHT HOW I LOST 30+lbs EASY, HEALTHY & VEGAN Hi babes! These are the types of meals I’ve been eating lately.


  1. HI BABES! Here are my calories & MACROS for the day (I used MyFitnessPal)

    Carbs = 267g
    Fat = 37g
    Protein = 40g

    CALORIES: about 1,535


  2. What’s in the cookies???

  3. Going to try the smoothie ASAP

  4. Love these healthy videos I love it !!!!

  5. These are my fav videos From your channel!!! Love love love!!! More of these vegan eat in a day!!!

  6. You are so inspiring! I havent been doing very good on eating healthy, but you reminded me how easy it is and how good it feels! ❤❤

  7. Glad I watched this. I'm def gonna try that soup

  8. What blender is that???

  9. Can you share your height and weight ? You look great

  10. You should try kodiak pancakes! They’re high in protein and low in cals! And Walden farms syrup!! Sooo good!

  11. Nearly 500K

  12. Veronica Rodriguez

    What blender do you use? It blends so well !

  13. Thanks girl! I needed more healthy food ideas.

  14. ahhh! almost at 500k! ur channel is really starting to grow love!! yay

  15. You should consider getting metal straws! They’re better for the environment and super cheap since you can use them a bunch of tines

  16. Rodriguez Jennifer

    I have been on the depo shot for 1 year now and I have gain 30 pounds. I'm trying to start my journey eating healthy trying to go down to 120 but is so hard. I feel like I'm not motivated. I do know what to eat excuse after excuses lol love your videos

  17. I took your advice on the lemon water and I drink it everyday. I love you and your videos!

  18. More important than calories, read the ingredients in everything should be simple and no chemicals

  19. Bananas are best when they have those brown spots! Yes girl!

  20. No creo que vayas a bajar de peso con todo eso.

  21. Hey! Awesome video! So personable and informational. I'm not TOO big into cooking either, but these meal plans look scrumptious. I tried this awesome detox, actually. I hope t helps those in the comments if you like tea. It really helped me reach some seemingly impossible goals. Remember, ladies, you're not alone! https://beautyandbeyond424038850.wordpress.com/blog/
    Seriously, it's an amazing detox.

  22. Jasmine! You need to do a workout clothing haul video. I know your love for TJ maxx and marshalls… it's time for you to pick up some cute workout clothes! I promise you it actually helps motivate you! You deserve it and it would be interesting to see what you would pick up!

  23. U deserve more subscribers girl ur so real and everything u say I can relate!

  24. How many times a week do you typically go to the gym

  25. I recently became vegetarian and ALDI has great affordable vegan/vegetarian foods. They have great vegan patties and these little spinach/kale bites that are so good!

  26. What kind of blender do you have??

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