What I Eat In A Day | Easy VEGETARIAN Meals

Hey guys! OMG!!!! I am FINALLY back with an updated ‘What I eat in a day’ video! You guys have been requesting this video for SO long now and I am so happy …


  1. *My husband and ME

  2. Finally I found a video where it is VEGETARIAN OMG every time I search “vegetarian meals” everything comes up as vegan

  3. loved the banana/choco/nut desert.

  4. perfect is right. if we all are like this??????!!!!!

  5. great job cutting the tomatoes. Better then me. lol

  6. Josephine Blanc

    Oh I love your mug where can I buy one veg day food very good josephine

  7. I would be so hungry if that's all I had for lunch!

  8. What are chia seeds for?

  9. You sound a bit like cardi b! Love the video xx

  10. dried mango makes me think of old lady skin lmao

  11. Aime's WearAbouts

    When you find out you can’t have white sugar as a vegetarian…

  12. Do you not eat cow products

  13. *Determined 2Win*

    I prefer Soy Milk. Nice video.

  14. Where can i get a vegetarian recipe book at?

  15. Akachukwu Nwosu

    what kind of sandwich bread is that?

  16. kittens work shop McRae

    I just cut out meat a month ago. Thanks for this video. I need all the help i can get

  17. Your pizza was basically baked salad.

  18. This Is A Good Source Of Vegan Meals As I Myself Am Also A Vegan, Keep It Up Lenny! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. I was really surprised to see buffalo mozzarella since it is almost always (99%) of the time made with animal Rennet

  20. I have been a vegetarian since Jan 2017 and I found you and I love the videos I could on your channel, love them! Please do more!

  21. Nice have to recreate your banana meal

  22. r u Indian …..we're u live

  23. Hey can you mention how many calories it contains?

  24. Sonali Thadhani

    Arshia, are you related to someone called Harshi Moorjani?

  25. I love this!

  26. Love this but am I the only one who noticed that your nails were the same at breakfast and dinner but different at lunchtime?

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