What I Eat In A Day| Balanced Vegan Diet

Hey y’all! Here’s an example of a full day of eating with balanced vegan meals + I share what supplements I take as a vegan and a glute workout. Women’s Best …


  1. Fine asf

  2. This da sukka comment section!!! ✌

  3. I will remain fat and out of shape and probably die earlier than I should but I like to eat what I want and be happy. This food looks and sounds absolutely disgusting.

  4. Damn u tight

  5. lionsandheaven ali

    I love meat so much I just can't live this life!

  6. Too much!!!

  7. Type of wife I needs!

  8. Camel toe alert 0:06

  9. I'll eat her

  10. Great video, thank you

  11. Beautiful fit with an uhmazeing personality! Keep it up sistah!

  12. She sexy as hell omg

  13. I feel fat and ugly lol

  14. this lifestyle is awesome i saw a lot of benefit from it, thinking of doing the same thing. i was thinking of trying out this product what do you think about it? https://ecoearthfreindly.wordpress.com/2019/04/17/the-red-tea-detox/

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