What I Eat In A Day As A Vegan For FAST Weight Loss| Raw Vegan& Healthy+Recipes

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  1. Dead Serious Living

    You're glowing!

  2. Hey, what watch are you using to track your workout? 🙂

  3. Hey, what watch are you using to track your workout? 🙂

  4. thank you congrats do you have a link showing what you eat and the measurement

  5. this is awesome!

  6. Double sixes, hmm.

  7. thanks for sharing. it's very encouraging to see someone use intermittent fasting with veganism. i am newly starting a vegan food plan and i like intermittent fasting, but i didnt know if it worked well together- you have proved that it does. thanks again

  8. i got to get my meal plans together. I want to lose 20lbs

  9. what type pf blender do you use

  10. how does that shake taste?

  11. Great video oh I just loved it. Thank you so much!

  12. OMG you should do a meal plan because I would love to go vegan as well but I know me and would need to be on a strict eating plan for at least the first 3 months. Then I can like get creative from there

  13. The chili looks tasty!

  14. your skin looks so good

  15. You look so amazing Kisha!

  16. Virgenmaria Martinez

    hi you look amazing
    how the name the app you use for the receipes?

  17. Where did you find the spiralina (oops on the spelling) could you share a link or maybe the name of it so I can search for it. Love your videos, you are such an inspiration!

  18. Kisha, you are positively inspiring! Thank you for being so open and authentic with the "family". I'm new to your videos and was curious about a couple things: (1) what is your fasting schedule on a daily basis (20 fasted, 4 feast?) and (2) what is your exercise routine if you follow one. You look fabulous!!

  19. Are there any Raw Food recipe books or websites that you recommend?

  20. wow, i see the weight loss in your face!! good job, mama

  21. Marilyn Wellington

    love love! an idea for a video is non calorie drinks, bcaas, or teas that you like for your fasting window. I love DoTerra oils.

  22. Are you a Stay At Home? Just wondering how to work this and a full work schedule.

  23. Your happiness is so contagious!

  24. givemeconversation

    Kisha You are doing Soooo Great Gurl & You keep Me motivated (I'm down 7#/12" in 4wks IF).  Thanks for Sharing & Keep UP the Good Work; it is really starting to show ; }

  25. Aloha Kisha!

    What is the link to the video that explains why you are going RAW?

  26. You look great!!!

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