What I Eat In a Day As A Vegan Bodybuilder (TIPS TO GAIN MUSCLE)

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  1. Another classic example of a mentally ill "vegan" who clearly takes HGH and/or steroids. He talks like a little child for most of the video, proof he has mental problems from his extremely unhealthy and unnatural diet. All vegan males are beta males. They couldn't survive in nature. They need all their highly processed grains, nuts and seeds. They need all the processing equipment to make their "food" ie blenders, dehydrators etc. Once anyone has been on a pathetic vegan diet for more than a few years they look like they have AIDS or stage 5 cancer. Hence why frauds like this immature male (not a man) are clearly drug cheats.

  2. If humans are herbivores then why the fuck you need to blend all your food? Aren't your herbivore teeth good enough to chew on all of these foods without the fucking electric blender?

  3. Skip to these to get into the food parts

  4. The tooth brush has different vibration settings and something about strokes …. Am I the only one who's mind is in the gutter??…
    Any way lol
    This was an amazing videoooo

  5. Hey man really liked the “went for a walk and got these shots” it’s truly a blessing from god to go outside and see such a beautiful, magnificent universe made just for people like me and you. I believe animals have feelings and are part of the planet and we should not disturb nature’s creatures for our satisfaction. That’s why I’m going vegan!!

  6. As a vegan I find this food so delecious that I'm literally hungry right now, I'm 18 years old and I had the dream of getting big years ago, thank you for giving faith again!

  7. Tayla Alves Araujo

    I am vegan too. ♡ From Brasil

  8. What is vegan dietary rules? No dairy? That pizza looked not so appetizing.

  9. Clawdeen FreakDuChic

    Heavily processed food makes me wanna throw up.

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  11. Food looks great. Doesn't look like you're getting that many grams of protein but I've always eaten meat so I'll have to look into it more. Thanks mate, I've subscribed.

  12. I think your protein measurements are incorrect?

  13. Do you really think you need so much protein every day? Like over 400 from protein?

  14. Hold on you ate all of that in one day how the hell

  15. Almond Breeze has fluoride in it, so you've destroyed it

  16. Hey Brian, so this was my first video of you and I liked it quiet a lot. But there is one thing that really worries me:
    According to Dr. Michael Greger the average human being needs about 0.7 gram protein per kilogram bodyweight.
    Even if u double or even triple it, the amount u take in (414g ) seems way to much for me. Concerning the major factor of protein overdose in kidney and bone diseases.
    Could u give me some insight on your take on the matter?
    Best regards!

  17. I like the ending. He was passionate. Lol

  18. 124grams of protein!!! Wow


  20. Can you please put a breakdown of what u ate in the description box! Be so much more helpful

  21. GF Makes a pound vegan pizza while wearing a pound of animal product on her face lmao.

  22. Fk Me a Steroid Infused Vegan!!!!! Hypocrite Not???

  23. Another fake natty trying so hard to be humorous and edgy just to get into your wallets…lol if you're giving this tosser any money….

  24. Look up the effects of Carrageenan in that Almond milk brand – bad stuff, switch brands 😉

  25. how in hell was that first drink 124g protein? For how much?! You mainly put banana and almond milk.

  26. Vegan plus roids, things aren't gonna be well for you in the the future. Plus lying to everyone for your own gain… karma is coming…

  27. Eating butter dont make you a vegan

  28. Ducking idiot

  29. none of that looks appetizing.. i wanna try cutting out meat but eating is already hard as it is.. now just imagine flavorless bland stuff.

  30. Your skin looks absolutely amazing!

  31. Kokot si

  32. 2:19 – Does no one else notice the lizard eyes?

  33. That pizza looks nasty af

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