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  1. Where did you get your bowls from??

  2. Love in a Tin Can

    You’ve gotten so good with handstands!

  3. Officially Tielo

    When is a new Handeeman Video coming out?

    I really want to see the finished garage…

    Please let me know

  4. late Merry Christmas and a happy new year,lets hear more about you and your dreams

  5. and that YOGA girl!! omg I need to get back to back bends and flipping over!

  6. Are you wearing eyelashes or did you get them done? They look amazing!

  7. I have been plant based for a month now and have lost 12lbs. However….. by 9:30pm every single night I AM STARVING !!!!! What do I do????

  8. Thank you again for sharing a beautiful day of food! I just wanted to let you know, that I know, that so many of us are supporting your movement towards all of the other amazing aspects of your self and life, whether you choose to share those pieces on youtube or not. As much as we receive inspiration from your food and weight loss journey – please do what is most nourishing for you!

  9. My mom had that SaladMaster "grinder", plus she had a set of SaladMaster stainless steel pans. This brought back memories 🙂

  10. starts 1.44 youre welcome

  11. … but how tall are you?

  12. Are you guys going to Costa Rica soon or did you already go together?

  13. You've inspired me to become vegan <3

  14. You sure make those hashbrowns look tasty! I like your choice of music too.

  15. Hey just fyi, Gyoza is pronounced gee-oh-zah. Love the video!!

  16. What song is this? 🙂

  17. Oh wow, I remember that retro food processor! You're missing the metal part that pushes the food through the chute 🙁 Still, excellent find!

  18. This is exactly the conundrum I’m facing — I used to run every day & get in about 20K steps / day. I just don’t have it in me to do that anymore. Thanks for sharing how you switched to weight & yoga.

  19. the grammar nazi in me appreciates that your onscreen text said "Derek and I" instead of "me and Derek" 😀

  20. weight loss diet healthy

    I love you—-Cute

  21. I was wondering what happened to you on fitbit.

  22. I love that you are so real on camera and not fake like 90% of people on here.

  23. Tica Eating Plants

    Why did you guys stop cycling? Loved the cycling vlogs

  24. I love your top you were wearing at the beginning of the video. Where is it from?

  25. Your eyelashes look really good! Do you use a serum?

  26. I have been vegan for a year and haven't lost a pound. I'm super tired all the time. I will try these recipes

  27. What do you mean you ate differently when you gained the weight how so? I don’t want to make the same mistake. Love u xoxo

  28. you are so clueless about nutrition…. educate yourself before you destroy your body

  29. delicious food and great advice. Thanks and happy new year.

  30. Kristina Child Of The Sea

    Dear Hannah, I got inspired by your vegan journey. I als feel the same as you right now… stuck… but just doing my best and moving with the flow… letting time handle things.. I would love for you to join my movement called "Become Free Movement". I want to inspire people to become free and live fully. Live their potential. Are you open for a short interview? 🙂

  31. It is none of my business but to me it seems completely nuts for you to at all be talking about weight loss, you are 126lbs(!!!), that is such a low weight no matter your height and you look healthy. I don't get it, a beautiful, perfect and healthy woman like you should have no intention to lose weight. I feel like this is everything that is wrong with our diet culture and it is fucking sad. I hope you don't get offended, I really like your channel and content, I just have to share my honest opinion because I do give a fuck.

  32. Hey Hannah, can you please tell me the exact name of your George Foreman grill?

  33. Average Fittness

    So relatable!

  34. my weight was 103kg but when i use a new method to loss weight i got 92kg
    this website describes it:betterlifeonline902528977.wordpress.com

  35. Robert Zwierlein

    I bought a salad master that looks a lot like that one around 2005 at the Orange County fair. It came with a set of great stainless steel cookware.

  36. Seeing that potato mixture be grated and pressed was really satisfying.

  37. Man, I've been subscribed to you for so many years that I didn't realize you have the cutest little avocado urging people to subscribe at the end @10:46. I mean, come on! How can someone not subscribe when they see that little guy. So friggin' cute!!!

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