Day 1552 Compassionate Eating/Raw Vegan/Fruitarian/Lissatarian/Whatever! WHAT I EAT FOR DINNER SALAD || RAW FOOD VEGAN NUTRITION WEIGHT …


  1. Salad looks goooood. Do you add fruits to your salads? I roughly chop lots of leafy greens, add flex oil and very little Himalayan salt and message, add lemon and fruit. Charlotte Gerson states flax oil is the only oil she recommends – it fights cancer cells. Siuggestions/comments anyone?

  2. Is 52 to a new you only offered as an ebook?

  3. Girl is a bad mama gama! I love you. you are sure sticking by you lifestyle of raw vegan hood. I am doing what you are doing, but I have to cut out the chips and cookies. otherwise, I do see a difference when I eat my leafy green salad with other vegetables. yum, yum

  4. I love salads. That's a beautiful looking salad. Like the portion size too 😉 Everyday I eat a salad. Interesting, low fat dressings are the secret. Keep up the good work. Greens, the most important food any human eats. Vegan magic to health.

  5. The Vegan Wallflower

    I wish I liked more vegetables my salad is usually just lettuce, cucumber and peppers. I don't like onion, mushrooms, avocado or tomatoes 😐

  6. Hi there, I've tried a souce based on zichinni and the salad was tooo crunchy. I really don't like this. Please tell me, if add a little bit of olive oil, is that so bad?? Thnks

  7. Thanks for the recipe

  8. The reason our ancestors achieved those fibre statistics is possibly due to the more fibrous nature of edible plants consumed. compare the wild nettle to the domesticated lettuce, for example. Also they consumed a large amount of tubers which are more fibrous, and even wild fruits are mostly fibre and less sweet – do a google search for the wild banana and prepare to be amazed

  9. I make a cashew dressing with garlic and dill — SO good!! Try it!

  10. Dr Campbell wrote in the China study that the Chinese that were studied were healthy and they got about 500 mg calcium from their food daily.

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