What I Eat Before A Workout // Easy Vegan Meal & Snack Ideas

These are a few of my favorite, easy pre-workout meal and snack ideas! Before I hit the gym I love to eat simple, wholesome meals centered primarily around carbs and protein. This helps me…


  1. Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

    Check out Miles' bomb post-workout recipes here! https://youtu.be/3iAn9Z9FUEM

  2. Your cute ; )

  3. The Perception Trainers PT

    You are genuinely the funniest person ever. The tofu selfie.

  4. the food looks good. thank you for your video.

  5. Damn gonna start adding tofu to my diet

  6. Me: Oh, this video is going to be awesome! I'm so excited!

    Hahahaha. But seriously, great video. Thanks for posting.

  7. Do you know anything about intermittent fasting?

  8. Triệu Đình Lộc

    i love you

  9. try smoked paprika OMG so good.

  10. Subscribed because I see you with that Stronglifts

  11. My words are coming straight from the bible look up "the most hateful group in America " they speak the truth from my father yahawashi not homosexual Jesus.

  12. You Damn devil get ready to be a slave in the kingdom of heaven food looks good tho . If you were in any other country you would be controlled by a man and you would be quiet

  13. I hate outros because they’re always so stupid and cringey, BUT I ALWAYS watch your outros. You make the transition from your singing to the actual artist’s full song almost seamless. It’s phenomenal. I’m blown away every time. Fantastic editing job. 🙂

  14. Seriously, where do you get these huge tofus from ?

  15. OMG I forgot to like this video and I came back to just do that. 😀

  16. I love this so much!

  17. I love those square organics bars! So yummy!

  18. Tahini on sweet potatoes? I love both but never thought about combining them.


  20. 2:33 looks like heaven <3 <3 yumm

  21. love nut butter, i use it fruit and veg smoothies ,with some spirulina.

  22. sadly my tummy cannot handle more than like a protein bar before working out

  23. Omg, I can't believe I just found your channel. Gonna be binge watching all your videos ^_^

  24. do u do cardio?

  25. the tofu tho yummmm

  26. Lots of nutritionists say to stay away from soy….are you worried about it's dangers?

  27. Wow Sarah your channel is so incredible………….

  28. Your channel is my fav!! Your recipes are so creative and delicious, and I love your personality! You deserve 10mil subscribers

  29. So so helpful, thank you!! I've been doing a quick yoga session every day for a while but now i'm alternating between yoga and some cardio/ weights every other day for like half an hour/ 45 mins. Do you recommend working out in the evening? I usually do it in the morning and sometimes have a quick swim after, but I'm having trouble fitting in a good breakfast. Should I have breakfast first, and then have a protein smoothie after I work out? Should probably do some more research on this!

  30. you are so adorable and fun to watch!

  31. LOL at your kitchen cabinets in the beginning… do you have a poltergeist?! Hahah… 😀

  32. What's up with all the cabinets, drawers, oven hanging open?

  33. Jacqueline Jordan

    how old are you? 🙂

  34. You eating the square bar omg im dying i loved this

  35. Yes!! My husband and I have tofu scramble almost every morning. Tofu is the best.

  36. what's your ethnicity? you look similar to me and I'm half Asian & half white.

  37. Great videos. Glad to discover new vegan youtubers!

  38. Ilove Potatoes Forever

    You are the total YouTube package. Beautiful voice, gorgeous glowing skin, articulate thoughts, and bright, creative mind!

  39. I absolutely love mashed banana with warm Speculaas cookie butter as a high carb snack, but I only have it on occasion because of the sugar. Also, I've been scared of carbs and healthy fats for years because I've had hormonal problems that make it very difficult to lose/maintain weight, but your videos have inspired me to incorporate more of each into my diet. I have so much more energy now! I haven't seen a difference in my weight at all but I'm staying hopeful

  40. you inspired me to try new foods; like diacon, seasoned rice vinegar, and to make my own chips, plus a few other items. 🙂 thanks!!!!!!!

  41. I love the sincere and positive energy you have in your videos <3

  42. Sarah Loves Veggies

    Yep, I understand that kind of love for tofu!

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