Henlo! Here are some of my favorite veggie recipes to make at home. So good and so easy! PIXI x Weylie Collab (Grab it before it’s all gone!)


  1. I love the way she says “baneners” haha!

  2. thank you for these easy recipes! i’m definitely gonna try to make the curry one ☺️

  3. Does anyone know what kind of pan she is cooking the vegetables in? It looks so sturdy.

  4. How did you do your hair?

  5. I wish I can clean my house in the mornings, but I gotta go to work then by the time I get home, I'm just so exhausted that I don't even want to clean. Then on the weekends I don't want to do anything, but enjoy myself.

  6. The rice bowl recipe is so practical and nutritious omg I’m going to have to make that

  7. Love these! Definitely will try!

  8. Loved this!!

  9. Patti TheBraveGirl

    You are an amazing woman and I really enjoy all the content you offer to us!!! Keep up the good work ❤❤❤ Kisses from Athens, Greece!

  10. Love what you made look yummy

  11. i came here from sophia's channel!!! i love the style of this video and will definitely be trying these recipes. random Q: where is your toaster from? it's so cute lol

  12. Hi, may I know the brand of blender? It seems very nice!

  13. Omg, those are honestly HK/Cantonese staples ahaha I make the exact same things as you on a regular basis. For the egg/rice/avocado, you should try mixing a bit of sesame oil with the price before you put the toppings on!

  14. Angelica’s Recovery

    I’m trying to become a vegetarian… so these recipes are awesome! Thank you!

  15. loved the editing!!


  17. Hello Weylie, may i know where did you get your glass and straw? I have been looking for it. Thank you..

  18. I love watching your non-beauty video, it's so relaxing! Also love the shirt you wore in this video, where is it from??

  19. I love your bun! I have the hand tied extensions installed a few months ago but struggle with putting my hair up without the wefts showing. What are your recommendations?

  20. The rice bowl looks so good! I’m definitely making that!

  21. doesn’t look very appetizing

  22. weylie is that an essential oils diffuser? if so what essential oils do you use around the dogs bc i know some are bad for dogs!

  23. What nail color are you wearing??

  24. I havent been in your channel in forever, are you vegetarian?

  25. Love u Weylie!! I'm glad I'm able to be ur subscriber and get to watch ur content!

  26. Everything you shared is looked so good!!!!

  27. Bananers lol i Love the way you pronounce certain words

  28. Sooooo Chinese your bowl is!!

  29. Plz more vids like this <3 YUM!!!

  30. Love it!! I don’t eat meat so it’s nice seeing actual good recipes that don’t include meat hahah

  31. Where are your glass cups from?? 🙂

  32. I really enjoy these videos, please do more !! These videos help me get out of a cooking rut lol and help to encourage me to cook at home and try new recipes!

  33. Can you do more of these types of videos?Your food looks so good!

  34. hi weylie! where did you get your vanity mirror from?

  35. yooo that curry looks so bomb

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