What I Ate Today Vegetarian/Pescetarian Style + QUICK Vegetarian Recipes & Meals for Weight Loss

Here is What I Eat in A Day Vegetarian/Pescetarian Style plus simple, QUICK, and EASY recipe and meal ideas for those who want to cut down on eating meat …


  1. Simply Plus & Chic

    The stirfry really looked amazing! Nice video. 

  2. i carnt stand you voice everything was paketed nothing was made freshly

  3. Great video! Just I case you were not aware, when brands label products as naturally flavored (like the protein bar showed in your video) that doesn't make the product free of artificial flavors/ingredients. To make sure the product you purchase is free of artificial flavors it must be labeled as organic. FYI this comment is not meant as hate, I just wanted to inform you for your own benefit:)

  4. im going to get some and I will you know if I like them. I love the Kashi bars. do you know if these bars can be bought in store?

  5. Love this! Where did you get the miso soup packets?

  6. I want to try those bars!

  7. Love this video so much! I love how colorful and bright it is, super eye catching! Also love that you don't make everything from scratch, i feel like that's a lot more realistic.

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