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  1. I wish I could live your life. Could you please post where you buy those dates again?

  2. Joleen Sandahl

    In the typed recipe you didn't have the garlic or lemon or ginger listed. Do you have a measurement for that?

  3. Adria Trafficante

    Hi. What type of peanut butter do u use. I can't find a natural one that flows out of the jar like that!

  4. I'm gonna have to make that. Wish I would get kelp noodles cheaply/easily in the UK, gonna do some research!

  5. Charles Swedenburg

    Does she still feed her cats vegan food?

  6. Great idea to use kelp noodles for the fresh rolls! I will definitely do that next time I make them to make them lower carb.

  7. Do you do anything special to your rice to make it sticky for sushi?

  8. 100 Days Fruitarian

    Can you please let us know what yoga sequence that is, or what style, or do you just do the few asanas you like?

  9. Meet The Presleys

    oooooo where did you get that juicer!!!?! 🙂

  10. Sweet video! Could you please share the music you used? It's beautiful.

  11. Hey Hannah!! What is the music please?! I would love to listen to more!!! <3

  12. Music cred? 🙂 loved it!

  13. Wonderful video! Loved every second!!

  14. Crowder mug <3333

  15. Cassandra Marie

    Is that a glass straw ?

  16. THAT KITTY!!!! XD

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