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  1. It would be so lovely if you'd look in to sourcing local eggs, even eggs that say free range from the supermarket are usually from cruel practises 🙁 my family buy eggs from a family who keep chickens in their huge back garden, they're pampered and have such lovely lives! ❤️

  2. There's Almond, Soya, Rice, Oat, Coconut. Gotta try them all!

  3. Nescafe Instant …Egads..just tear my tongue out and kick it around in a dirt pile..haha

  4. I thought only Americans used ketchup on their food?

  5. Try the Linda McCartney winter pies, soooo good! -Also top tip, anything Linda McCartney that doesn't contain cheese is vegan :)

  6. A video of what veggie foods you get from fast food takeaways or when you go out to eat would be great :)

  7. Jennifer's Boring Life

    do you ever eat at a table when at home? LOL I always seem to see you eating at the couch or floor or something XD
    not being mean I'm just curious

  8. I know the feeling when you want gravy really bad and only have a couple of gravy granules left and you try to make it work haha

  9. I liked it! Please continue! Every single meal u made looked mouth watering.

  10. sometimes im like wait is this ACTUALLY vegetarain ? and i have to check the ingrediants lol

  11. i rarely miss meat tbh

  12. So happy that you are a vegetarian now ^-^

  13. I've been veggie for two years! Just a tip don;t eat so much fake meat they're always really high in sodium they should be a sometimes kind of food. Other then that I'm so proud you you being veggie <3 Also try soy milk they have it in flavors too like vanilla chocolate strawberry and plain 🙂
    xoxo Kaitlyn

  14. Nothing wrong with a good egg lol x

  15. mate. linda mccartney mozzarella burgers though. the absolute best omg

    also i've tried a load of almond milk brands and my personal fave is almond breeze, the original and unsweetened ones are both really good and it doesn't taste dead almondy

  16. Good for you! Don't worry about being a Vegan or not! People are rude. Try Quorn cocktail sausages they're so good! Quorn mince is lush in a shepherds pie! Xxxx

  17. I am so incredibly proud of you, Ellie. Loved the video and I definitely need more of these. Btw, you could try soya milk, the alpro one is even better than classic dairy milk.


  19. Justina Hale-Davis

    i am a vegetarian since I was just a teen back in 8th grade i drink almond milk eat no dairy since im allergic and breakout in hives and itch. plus im a gultin free person aswell cause wheat makes me sneeze and infeel cold.so being on a vegetarian diet is good if u choose to eat a bit healthier.

  20. okay, what I enjoy about What I Eat in a Day videos is analysing people's different eating habits – that might sound weird and creepy but it's the truth. so this is why this was interesting because it wasn't blond-by-the-beach-heavily-filtered-expensive-inaccesible-vegan-super-healthy stuff.

  21. Feeling sleepy after a big, warm meal definitely makes me sleepy too. Coffee's the best thing that saves us from that <3 :3 Oh and try soy milk!

  22. (I'm not a vegan) but I do agree with free range eggs and not caged hens… Do you get free range eggs?

  23. you legit just poured dirty sink water over your whole nice wee dinner what the actual fuck is wrong with you did you actually put any gravy in the water or just boil the kettle and fuck it all over it???? also why no fucking potatoes are you thick????? love from northern ireland xoxoxoxoxoxo

  24. I know you said you don't like sweet things very much, but do you have desert? Or have any sneaky treats in between the meals during your day? I know you had a coffee cake at your boyfriends but I see the logic in that cause you love coffee.

  25. you always look lovely. great video. and food options.. your makeup  look's beautiful. I always start with water first, then coffee.. I love easy vegetarian meal option. I make my own food.. not too many processed stuff. but they are nice to have on hand. I don't eat meat.. well, I do eat fish and eggs. but there are vegetarians who, eat dairy, and fish, and grains and veggies.  I stopped eating beef and chicken. and pork. because it flared up my acne. and arthritis.  you might like oat milk or cashew milk. or hemp milk is a good one. in coffee..  have a great day.

  26. Would say soya milk but it doesn't go well with instant coffee. A lot of the time it separates with me

  27. Just_Mia (The Northern Pagan)

    I drink a LOT of Alpro Soy. It took me a while to get used to it but honestly, it's worth it <3 If you want a better sausage roll then try try Quorn ones (they are literally a fake sausage roll)

  28. you need to try the cauldron veggie sausages – they are the BEST I swear. The Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers are so meaty the texture put me off a little but they taste absolutely delicious! x

  29. I recommend oat milk xx

  30. When I first went veggie I tried Quorn but I couldn't get on with it, I found the initial taste was nice, but the immediate aftertaste left a sickening taste in my throat 🙁 I tried a few different Quorn products and found the same, for me it's the mycoprotein that is used that gives me the aftertaste.

  31. Cashew is nice and creamy though I tend to stick with soya. Heard oat milk is also nice but not tried personally xx

  32. I drink the alpro original soya milk 🙂 after a few months I literally cannot taste the difference between that and dairy milk.

  33. Soy milk is pretty great but almond milk flavor and consistency also varies from brand to brand so try a bunch out. Cashew milk's nasty, rice ain't so bad. Good luck!

  34. im a vegan but i dont see the problem with eating eggs that are from good sources (such as if you know who's chickens they are and you know that they get treated right) so maybe look into that? as for trying vegan milk, that's great! xx

  35. I love your freckles! You look so much younger, if you don't cover them up. ♥♥♥

  36. Try cashew milk!

  37. Good video. I've been adding more veggie substitutes into my diet and lots of them are actually really good.

  38. I love all your videos xx

  39. Maynie McFluffnuggets

    aww man all of the foods made me soo hungry! /. they all look delicious c: i want to try vegetarian foods!! ❤

  40. quorn sausage rolls are literally heaven!
    my meat eating husband prefers them over meats ones.
    aldi do a pack of 5 for like 99p

  41. Alice “Alicorn” Ulubabyan

    I'm vegan but I feel happy that you're at least vegetarian

  42. Oh no food coma!

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