what i ate today raw vegan || LESS fruit (+ recipes)

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  1. Why not just eat the greens instead of drinking something you dont like the taste? eat them

  2. Do you feed your cat a vegan diet?

  3. It's not a complete raw dinner if it needs cooking ???

  4. That carrot cake nice cream looks SO nice and I definitely want to try it! I was just wondering if the nice cream itself was sweet because of the banana or if the only real sweetness comes from the frosting?

  5. You got me at Less fruit… Although i do love eating fruits…So glad I've come across ur page. I'm trying to go raw vegan its so hard. Looking for ideas of recipes for dressings and dishes thats more healthy and of cos ediable lol.
    Note.. Don't change urself bcos someone can't stand ur facial expressions they are just jealous that ur too pretty for them LOL! I don't see anything wrong with ur videos i think u look awesome and thats ur personality which makes ur video more happy vibe. Okay cheers.

  6. This may be a dumb question, but where are you getting your protein in a day like this? Thanks!

  7. LOVED what you said about the green juice!! It is so TRUE! It is not hard to eat healthy at all when it makes you feel amazing! <3
    Also loved what you said about the salads, dressing are the key! :)) How can anyone be scared of avocado lol

  8. So you literally just eat uncooked veg, nuts, and fruit?
    Yeah i dont think i could ever do that lol
    How/what do you supplement bc i thought even vegans need beans (i hate beans and love meat, which is why im not vegan lol)

  9. Im so happy i found your channel!!!

  10. Id'like to try something new with the green juice. Maybe it can make it still a little bit healthier and tastyer.

    A friend told me, this story:
    First : Sorry for my bad english, i'm learning it by doing. =)

    A farmer had very tired cows (one was old and he had to bring it soon to the slougtherhouse, some of the others were weak and lost appetite. He tried many kinds of food, grass etc., but it didn't help a lot.). He had a pot of apple vinegar because he knew, a little bit of vinegar on the grass can help cows with the alkalin-acid-balance.
    The old cow was like a big pet for him and walked free arond. One day, it drunk an half liter of the vinegar and seems happy and well. From that day he done a little bit vinegar on the grass or hay for every cow and the all recover.

    Maybe it can improve the value of the green juice when we add a spoon apple vinegar ?
    And i belive, the tast can become a little bit more interesting for som people.

    I'm not a cow, but i will try it this week.

  11. Michelle Willadsen

    Is the monk fruit raw? It's a great option for sure!

  12. I want your glass straws !!

  13. I tried this carrot cake nice cream and it was AMAZING. I also have made the Mac n cheese, apple tart, apple pie cereal bowl, and your fav salad and it all tasted amazing. Love the ebook.

  14. Ashley Christine

    if you don’t have a juicer for my celery juice I use a blender and a cheese cloth and a drainer

  15. you're gorgeous …watching and drinking a green drink

  16. Anastasia Sirius

    I bet you dont eat enough calories…

  17. NO DEHYDRATOR. I’m in. I bought the book

  18. Thanks. I do a protocol drink( my concoction). I eat the greens, not juiced. What kind of walnuts do you use? What do you think of the chocolate teas?( no caffeine, etc) What is your thinking about hybrid foods? (carrots, garlic, etc.) How do you deal with lectins? I eat monster size salads.( large mixing bowl.) I make my own dressing. I eat some cooked foods; more raw. Eat fruit at my leisure. Tricky to eat foods once the knowledge hits home of what they are & are not. And the effect on the body. Adjust & move on Thanks again.

  19. I am craving salad right now. And in so.. buying your e-book. And plan to vlog about my experience making your recipes!

  20. What kind of juicer do u have?

  21. So I have a question. I love coffee. Can you not have coffee on this? It’s a plant.

  22. It's so helpful to hear someone coming from the 801010 hclf lifestyle affirm that more fats is not necesarily a bad thing…for a while I'd feel so guilty whenever I ate nuts/seeds/avocado/olives. These videos encourage creativity/exploration WITHIN high raw vegan which feels very freeing. Thank you Kate!

  23. Where is the link for the stevia substitute you used? I also clicked your link to the recipe and it didn’t go anywhere.

  24. You should partner with hello fresh

  25. You look like a zombie lol. Nice diet btw XD

  26. What do you put in your green juice to make it taste good?

  27. can you just make like a shit ton of these videos

  28. Ahhh i wish i had this much time to make meals/snacks/food. I dont think much/any of this I can get in my country beyond bananas once and a while.

  29. Is it hard on your stomach eating all of that fibre at once?

  30. Definitely late to the party, but golden monkfruit is available at Walmart! 🙂

  31. First time watching her and I like that shes not vegan in your face but actually knows what shes taking about!

  32. Your recipes for this video do not appear on the link below as mentioned.

  33. Kyndra Richardson

    Yeah salt! yeah fat!

  34. Do what makes YOU happy if the followers don't like it they don't have to watch you

  35. I really dont know what to think about the video. It was a very nice presentation…but …First of all you only eat a califlower stirfrye and a salat the whole day….?! I dont think you will get enough calories or nutriens for the body to work properly. Your organs needs calories and your brain and so forth.so many have eating disorders and so many are trying to become thinner and thinner. I respect your effort in trying to eat healthy greens,but be careful to what you promote.


  37. Anthony Ormanoski

    You are so cute. marry me?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  38. I need to make so many of these! Yum

  39. use the green juice as the liquid in your green smoothie, lol.

  40. Anjolie SaydWorthe

    Honey, you wink away and be you. The right people will like you. Never stop shining your light because someone doesn't like it. <3 Wink wink!

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