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  1. You really know how to cook, girl. Wanna marry me?

  2. I LOVE that sweet kale salad. Sam's club has them too.

  3. I'm slowly becoming a Lacto Ovo Vegetarian and I love the meals so far! I even made collie flower sour cream and onion chicken wings, they tasted soooo gooood

  4. The Canine Nutritionist

    I used to be a lacto-vegetarian, but I'm a fruitarian now. They also found some serious risks tied to dairy consumption, including weight gain, increased cancer risk, and increased fracture risk.

  5. Im ovo-lacto-baco vegetarian. If a there's a dead hog out the, I might as well get the bacon. Nice video.

  6. Very informative thanks, I'm thinking about becoming a lacto-ovo-vegetarian

  7. Cool! I have been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for two years. Tho I try to work around as much dairy and white bread product as possible. Most of the time I am consuming that stuff is on pizza.

  8. your making cows suffer there entire lives ya know that DAIRY IS WORSE THEN MEAT

  9. These are some nice meal ideas. I especially like the spaghetti squash w/salad and garlic bread, so yummy looking! I recently decided to transition into more plant-based eating for health reasons. I eat vegetarian six days out of the week. I gotta try the squash at some point.

  10. I'm a Lacto-ovo vegetarian

  11. oil is bad

  12. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian and I love it

  13. I cringed a little when you mixed that protein powder into cold water, but it worked! Lol…I just found you and I'm really enjoying your videos. I've been eating less meat and thinking of going vegetarian or pescatarian.

  14. I am a lacto Ovo vegetarian

  15. Hello! I need some tips on becoming vegetarians. I am in the process of being vegetarian. I no longer eat meat like the red meat like pork and white meat like chicken for 7 days. I am slowly trying to stop eating fish. The only thing I like are eggs and diary. Please help me 🙂

  16. movies like a video on the difference between being a vegetarian verses being a vegan

  17. I am a semi-vegetarian for two.

  18. Thank you so much for this menu♥

  19. Stop eating dairy! It's just as bad for your health as eating meat. Milk is made for calves, not us. This is coming from a cheese lover who is trying to find dairy free alternatives.

  20. yummy !!

  21. Loved the video

  22. 1st video and I love you already!!!

  23. Yay for Cholula……

  24. I had "chicken"burritos, which is a tortilla with fried breaded eggplant, almond cheese, brown rice and lettuce >~<

  25. Yes! I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian. It's hard to find a youtuber who is as well. I don't have anything against meat eaters as well, I just feel so much "lighter" eating this way! So yeah! Thank you!

  26. My god – she is just the cutest thing

  27. it's my first month as a vegetarian and I've been looking around YouTube for what I eat in a day videos and this one is my favorite(: thank you so much. keep it up

  28. Daniela Botero Ramos

    Im a lacto ovo vegetarian too 7 years ago! And when people ask why … I dont really have a concrete answer Its just I can't eat meat like is so disgusting for me … I love animals too but that Ain't the main reason. Thanks for telling your story I like you even more …

  29. Daniela Botero Ramos

    OMG I had never seen you before where were you ??? you look so healthy and your skin looks so bright !!! I keep the same kind of diet thanks for your video It was awesome 🙂 Im your fan now

  30. Jonathon Ashikyan

    you should consider eating a more carbs, they are not as bad as people say they are, they are lower in fats and keep you fuller longer that. And because you seem very active, you really need to eat more carbs to help keep you energized

  31. Yes I'm vegetarian as well but I'm careful about dairy – I try to only get raw goat or cows milk and make sure if I do get eggs they're the fresh pastured ones – they're the only ones worth eating and you know that their animals are treated well!

  32. Subscribed because of this video! I love your happy smile and sweet personality!

  33. Dosntthe bread have milk in it????

  34. i dont do shakes XD im lacto ovo but i like going full veggie not blended ;3

  35. Totally subbed, new lacto-ovo here xD

  36. ate lunch Indian-style haha

  37. What's the best way to get healthier even if you have a really bad sweet tooth? Also, sometimes I'm in the mood to be healthier than I usually am but I always slip into eating junk food, how do I " ease my self off junk food and into healthier food……????

  38. That salad looking soo goooood!

  39. But all vegetarians eat eggs and drink milk? Just don't eat meat, it's vegans that don't eat eggs or any dairy? A bit confused

  40. 1K liker 🙂

  41. the spaghetti squash looked amazing!!

  42. Stephanie Willoughby

    Hey Jackie! I just recently transitioned into being a vegetarian! I was just wondering if you had any tips for a new vegetarian?

  43. I usually just use my veggetti and some zucchini squash, but I need to stop being lazy and do it this way lol.  Looks yummy!

  44. Jennifer Barger Music

    +JaaackJack  Hello!  I have a question for you or anyone who has tried the "Jaaackjack green juice" from this video.  My question is, is this more of a sour tasting juice and also do you taste the ginger a lot in it?

    Thanks!  Love your videos, Jackie! <3 😀

  45. Hey Jackie-
    Just so you know, you can actually microwave spaghetti squash. Cut it in half and place one half on a plate with the inside facing down. Microwave for about 4-5 until it is tender. Way faster than the oven!!!!!

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