1. Recipes start at 6:40 lol

  2. Pandering to your negative audience is unfortunate. There are many of us, your subscribers, that highly enjoy your raw content. The videos full of perfection you put out feel too processed at times. Let the natural HCH show please!

  3. Still looks yummy, don't stress!

  4. I am turning vegan tomorrow and love your recipes.

  5. I think you did an amazing job and thought outside the box and you made awesome food! So I will be trying them for sure. I have an oven so I think I can do it! God bless you for taking that trip to see the animals! It's heartbreaking to see and know that it's happening and we can't do anything to stop it all. But giving them the last moments of compassion and love is so amazing! I look forward to taking part in something like that in the future. I'm a week into living a full vegan lifestyle and its brought purpose back into my life. Thank you so much for sharing everything you do, it's helping me through this transition. You've help to guide me in the right directions about living as a vegan. Your videos are priceless. And form is your workouts is important just to make sure you don't get hurt but it's good you took some of the advice to work on it. I know I use the workout machines to lift weights because I have no form and don't want to open myself up to injury. Good for you to stick with it and push forward because your goals are way more important than dumb comments.

  6. MaintainingMichele

    #thatswhywe'revegan #pigsave #peacebeginsonyourplate~have a good trip Hannah!

  7. Infinite Love & Gratitude

    We Love You Right Back, Hannah!
    Thank you for making time to show all those Precious Piggies in Toronto your Love & Respect for them.

  8. I was just in Montreal for 5 days (Beautiful) and very Vegan Friendly all the restaurants had a Vegan meal or very accommodating!

  9. Please please please do that travel video, I am traveling at the end of the month !!!

  10. We love you for you❤️and watch your videos because we love what you have to say, not because it's laid out in a perfect format❤️

  11. These are the best chocolate chips I've ever eaten, regardless of the fact they are vegan. I buy them by the case off of Ebay for the best price, but here's a link to Guittard's actual website. https://www.guittard.com/index.php/our-chocolate/detail/extra-dark-chocolate-chips

  12. The Toronto pig save event is interesting. It's similar to people that go to abortion clinics and pray for all the Human babies that will be killed that day. Just saying.

  13. Can you please tell me what brand of air fryer you use? 🙂

  14. You are such a queen. Thanks for teaching me about veganism. I'm from Kentucky and our obesity rate is skyrocketing. I am finding new vegan friends. We are growing in numbers and I am so excited to be a part of this community. Thank you!

  15. aHH FEARMAN'S PORK IN BURLINGTON?? (just outside toronto) GIRLLL IM VEGAN AND FROM BURLINGTON!! ahh every thursday on my way to the train station to go to school i see vegans protesting infront of fearmans..are you going to partake in that?! id love to see you omg… i know soooo many vegan places in toronto u need to try! and while youre in burlington at fearmans, go downtown to boon burger or lettuce love for some vegan awesomeness 🙂

  16. The vegan egg comes out much tastier if you use really cold water and the blender to mix it. Then it's fluffy and delicious!

  17. Lol. At the beginning of this video I thought what a great colour that is on you.

  18. Looking forward to your travel prep video!

  19. Hannah….. can you please tell me the model and type of rice cooker you have. I think it's a Cuckoo……. maybe…???

  20. Come see my channel

  21. Loved it! I love the simplicity and how natural this vlog is!

  22. Love your channel. It has great content. You've motivated me a lot and I've even signed up for your meal plan program and am liking it a lot. I'd like to suggest an idea to show how to make some fast microwave frozen meals. I work a lot and am really trying to make changes to my diet but sometimes I get home and just want to throw something in the microwave for 5 mins and eat. Maybe a food prep that can be frozen and cooked quick for days when it's too tiring to make a full healthy meal. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to your channel!

  23. Screw the people that judged you, I miss your old vlogs. Your videos always motivated me to stay on track and healthy. You are awesome and you are missed.

  24. You're looking so much better Hannah! You were getting way too skinny, starting to look kind of sick to be honest! Your skin is glowing now! And you gained some weight which is making you look so much happier and healthier!! Keep doing what you do girl!

  25. Please try to remember that for every negative person who leaves you a comment, there are 1,000 grateful and positive people who appreciate all of your hard work. You are helping more people than I think you could ever truly know. Thank you for everything Hannah.

  26. Guurl don't be so hard on yourself!

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