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  1. Thank you for watching i hope you enjoyed the video! Check out my $10 LETS GET SAUCY Book Here with over 55 vegan sauce recipes – https://highcarbhannah.co/recipe-books/

  2. I made the carrot dressing as soon as i saw this vid, LOVE IT and yes I love your ebooks I have them all =) xx

  3. Divine Intervention

    SORRY but high carb low fat never worked for me. IT Was so difficult losing weight, i was bloating and losing my muscles. I was ravenous hungry all the time. I Iost 20 kg in two months by keto diet. But I visit your channel for your lovely vegan recipes make for my mom and you are such human being.

  4. Seriously where did you get your gold spoons. I need them

  5. Awesome reminder about confidence. I've recently changes my lifestyle realizing this is the best way to keep results &actually heal.
    I find myself with anxiety about talking to others in my life who ask because I know they don't understand all the reasons nor do I owe any explanations either. I feel confident at times so I just love hearing others talk about this information thanks! I've been following MM too high should have Derik do the rescue liver cleanse for acne too that is one thing I'm healing from…

  6. You go girl @High Carb Hannah! Im doing my best to get my MOM to listen to you! Love your hair! I want my family (MOM) to stay alive! Duh! Lol! Sound rediculous right haha! Also, Derrick?? Love you dude, hold her bro! Lol stay up ya'll!

  7. Hannah the weather here has been crazy. Crazy beautiful these last couple days. Southeastern Arizona has had some strange weather this winter.

  8. I always do that hairstyle!! It’s seriously the BEST!! I have naturally stick straight hair and I loooove the boho beachy hair!

  9. i totally get you on the pb&j flavor, that's one of my favorite combos

  10. Video on tips for healthy hair please! I have too many grays for my age I feel like, is that diet related?

  11. Loved the kitties helped! Also how ironic with nachos! Just bought stuff for nachos one night on Sunday! Using the OG recipe though which I think was literally just this though

  12. I thought you were preparing the juice, but then I heard a deep voice and I was so thrown off.

  13. You’re already beautiful, funny, and creative! I’m almost 58, and you inspire me to be more creative in the kitchen.

  14. Thank you for the book recommendation. I've been struggling with self loathing lately and looking for answers.

  15. Thank you!!! Hannah!! Confidence is a struggle for me depending on the day probably like most people. I am a RN Pediatric nurse and need confidence everyday! I loved your video. Timing is everything and I really needed your video this day.

  16. Ladies and Gentlemen…. Welcome to Life Coach Hannah!

  17. I absolutely LOVE your videos Hannah! Do you think you could do one to show your stretching routine? My 2019 goal is to do the splits!! Im super inflexible! Hahah like cant even touch my toes inflexible!!

  18. I think if you slowed the film down with the yoga segments would be better than speeding it up……more smooth and relaxing…..love you….❤❤

  19. Looks like u need a meaty sausage

  20. Love it! So true

  21. Kristie's Journey To Self Love!

    I listened to your podcast and got the book love yourself like your life depends on it. I am doing what it says! The food looks amazing❤

  22. Vondradee Courtenay

    I'm making nachos tonight because of this vid. ❤

  23. That salad and the nachos both look super yummy. Have you ever considered opening up a restaurant?

  24. I can't find oil free cranberries. Were you able to find some? If so, where?

  25. Love your hair!

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